Wanted: 2 ULTRA-SERIOUS People Who Want Their Website To Be #1 On Google

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Hey Everyone,

WARNING: Read EVERY WORD on this page and watch the ENTIRE VIDEO before you
even THINK about saying that you want to be part of this.

I’m Looking For 2 ULTRA-SERIOUS People Who Want To Make Their Website/Blog
#1 On Google & DESTROY Their Competition In Just 30-90 Days!


Before You Even THINK About Applying For This Program…Please Understand The

1. The ENTIRE PROGRAM is ONE-ON-ONE! You’ll be working directly with my secret business partner to get your website ranked at the top of Google for dozens of keyword phrases.

2. It Will Take Approximately 30-90 Days to get you to the point that you’re REALLY kicking butt and taking names, so if you’re looking to get rich by next Tuesday, LEAVE THIS PAGE NOW!

3. This program is NOT FREE!! You Must have money to make this happen. So if you’re broke or you only have a couple hundred bucks…sorry, but this isn’t for you.

4. We’re looking for people who (preferably) ALREADY have Websites up in their niche! Preferably, you’re an ACTUAL EXPERT in your niche and you already have a site up and you have a passion for what you do and you know that if you could just get higher search engine rankings, it would make all the difference in your business!

5. Not everyone will be allowed to participate. As I stated earlier, for right now, We’re only looking for 2 people to be our students.

REMEMBER: This Is NOT Free To Take Part In

Although Nothing In This World Is Guaranteed: You Should Know That We’re Going To Do Everything We Can To Practically FORCE YOU To Dominate The First Page Of Google For Certain Keyword Phrases!


Here Are The Phases Of The Program
(What You’ll Be Learning And What We’ll Be Doing With/For You)

*IMPORTANT*: The information below is only a PARTIAL LIST (Brief Overview) of EVERYTHING We’ll be Completing With/For You During This Program. The Entire Program Is So Detailed That We Refuse To Let ANYONE Who Is Not A Member See All Of The Areas That Are Covered And Everything We Teach/Do For You.

PART #1. Lucrative Keyword Research

The first thing for us to do is pick a family of 100 – 500 keywords for you that will get you both traffic and sales – why rank for just one keyword when you can get traffic and sales from hundreds?

PART #2. We Get Your Site Noticed By Google

Our next mission is to get you indexed in Google (in as little as 1 DAY) and then make sure you stay out of the Google Sandbox

PART #3. Content Planning And Optimization

We’ll help you plan exactly what type of content to create, and how to optimize it for maximum results. Remember, content is King!! And if you do it correctly the it will double or triple the speed of your results. (Note: If you don’t want to create content on your own, we have a solution for that too).

PART #4. Site Optimization

We’ll set up your current blog for the keyword or build and optimize one if you don’t have it yet. This part of the process makes your website more attractive in the eyes of Google, Yahoo, & Bing!

PART #5. Fast #1 Rankings!

With us doing 90% of the work for you, you can expect to start seeing 1st page Google results for some of your keywords in as little as 30 days!

PART #6. Creating Your “Money Funnel”

We’ll set up your site to generate subscribers and/or sales from EVERY single page of your site. This is the part of the program that shows you HOW to make money once you start getting a flood of visitors!

PART #7. Social Media Promotion

We’ll plug you into a network of people in Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, and LinkedIn who will happily promote your content. Social media is getting to the point that it’s becoming a critical part of getting your site seen in the search engines.

PART #8. Competitive Analysis

We’ll show you exactly how to stay ahead of your competition once you have your rankings. We’ll show you what your competition is doing right, what they’re doing wrong, and how to make sure you continue to dominate!

PART #9. Keep Your 1st Page Rankings

Everyone has heard of being “Google Slapped”. We’re going to show you proprietary methods for keeping your top rankings after you get them!

PART #10. Bi-Weekly Calls (1-on-1)

Every other week (for 3 months) we’ll have a one on one call to discuss strategy, progress and tactics to keep you on top, and to help take your business to the next level!

So…are you ready?

Are you ready to be a private (elite) client and have us get your site to #1 on Google?!?

If so, just fill out EVERY field in the the form below and KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED that someone from my office contacts you!

Accepting Applications
June 26th-June 28th

[contact-form 3 “Contact form 3”]


This is the REAL DEAL! For serious players ONLY!

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  2. 10:35 pm on June 26, 2011

    hi,devon this will be a great opportunity for me, but im just learning computers, im learning from all the emails ,and videos that was send to me. im doing this by myself i dont get no help except for the emails and videos. my family dont think i can do this, they think im wasting my money, i just used what money i had, i cant put up the make money site tell i make money, im learning on this one site i have up, thanks for the opportunity. sophia.

  3. 9:35 am on June 27, 2011

    it’s true!

  4. 9:38 pm on June 27, 2011

    Hey Devon,
    That really sounds good but i don’t have the money to put up front for that.Good luck to whoever is chosen.Plus look at my site you would’nt want to go there. (haha)

  5. Hi Devon/Tera.

    Are you still accepting people for this?

    (I know I missed the deadline but just wondering)

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