Growing Your Email List Using Other Lists and Websites

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Sometimes, when both building and learning how to build an email list, you’re going to need help.  You might have a decent number of web hits, but for whatever reason, people just aren’t signing up for your email list.  One of the ways that you can change this is by working with other email marketers, and combining your email lists.

Stick to Your Niche

The fact that many email marketers have access to tremendous numbers of email addresses does not mean that you should be emailing all of them.  In fact, this is probably a bad idea – sending unsolicited, unwanted email to people is a surefire way to make sure that they never visit your website.  However, if another website in your target demographic has an established and voluntary email list they are willing to share with you, then you should definitely take advantage of it.

Ask Other Websites for Opt-In Links

When your readers sign up for email lists on other websites, there are very often options to receive offers from similar vendors.  Whenever signing up for an account with a website like Amazon, their subscribers are offered a wide variety of partner email list offers, and you can work with other websites in your niche to do just this.  This works especially well if you are willing to allow your visitors to sign up for the website of your partners as well.

Actual Paid Email Lists

It’s also possible to buy large lists of email addresses from a variety of places on the web.  However, this method should probably best be avoided – simply put, it’s spam.  Because of this, and because of the questionable legality of spamming these days, we will not be providing the names of any services you can use to this end.  That said, it’s important to note that this is always an option.

Regardless of how you go about building your email list, having partners that help you along in the process is a great idea.  Each of you will directly benefit from the cooperation, and just because you’re competing with each other certainly doesn’t mean that you won’t both be getting web hits. On occasions like these, it’s best to cooperate with other web administrators as part of your Internet Home Business.

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