Guess What’s In The Envelope (You’re Gonna Love This If You’re “Old School”)

Guess What's In The Envelope (You're Gonna Love This If You're  "Old School")
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So, the other day, I got a letter in the mail. Now while getting a letter in the mail is normally no big deal, this letter was different!

If you’ve been involved in this “Home Based Business” game since before 2004, then when you see what’s in the envelope, it’s going to make you feel a little nostalgic.

Any guesses on what’s in the envelope? CLICK PLAY TO FIND OUT!

OK – So did you enjoy finding out what was in the envelope?

Have you ever received one of those types of letters before?

I hope I was able to “bring you back” with this video. But more so, I hope you enjoyed the really important marketing lesson!

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  1. 3:51 pm on July 10, 2014

    Direct Mail is still a popular medium actually nothings changed except maybe you got out of the loop haha. Postcards are cheaper to mail obviously more cost effective. I use this medium to a great deal of success even more so than social media marketing. We reach more people faster with the internet true but with snail mail it’s more targeted to the same like minded individuals and other networkers. Thumps up for posting this vid Devon.

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