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Ok everyone, today I need your help with something that is critical to your success!

I didn’t realize it but 2010 is right around the corner and we’ll need to get started on something VERY important if we want to start make 2010 the BEST YEAR EVER!!

Once you watch today’s video (and help me out with the little thing i need help with) be sure to leave your “idea” as a blog comment below.

Also…stay tuned towards the end of the video for a great “dating” idea I came up with!

And oh yeah…below the video is a link to the 27,000 visitors presentation (if you didn’t see it yesterday). The video IS going down on Sunday November 8th!

CLICK HERE to Watch The 27,000 Website Visitors Video!

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About Devon Brown

From over $40,000 in debt (and bankrupt at age 23, to now doing over $1-Milion in sales per year, Devon Brown (creator of RenegadeSuccess.com) enjoys teaching internet home business entrepreneurs the short-cuts he wishes he knew about when he first started. For free video advice that makes learning internet marketing FUN & SIMPLE, be sure to follow Devon on Facebook

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  1. 12:21 pm on November 6, 2009

    “Go for the WIN in 2010!”

  2. 12:25 pm on November 6, 2009

    Get It When? Get It in 2010!

  3. 12:25 pm on November 6, 2009

    Looking backwards to where you have been…
    Where will you be in two thousand ten?

  4. Bringing back sexy to all the ladies and men in two-thousand and ten! 🙂

  5. It’s 2010, lets make 10’s of thousands again and again and again…

  6. 12:41 pm on November 6, 2009

    “Success Again” in 2010 with Devon Brown

  7. 2010 is Your Year To WIN!

    Randy Sutton

  8. 12:50 pm on November 6, 2009

    2010 is when

  9. The Dating Game!!!

    2010 slogan – I have no idea …

  10. 12:50 pm on November 6, 2009

    Let’s be friends in 2010 or Why can’t we be friends in 2010? (a play on the whole social networking thing)

  11. Make it Happen in 2010!

  12. 12:54 pm on November 6, 2009

    You WILL WIN in 2010!

  13. 1:01 pm on November 6, 2009

    2010 is my year to win!

    I am out of my den in 2010!

  14. 1:05 pm on November 6, 2009

    I’m reminded of a recent post you made about the book “Go-Giver”. The book and your comments really speak to the heart of what success in Internet Marketing is truly about. You MUST give-to-get. And for anyone looking to develop a web presence and online business automatically makes them Internet Marketers as well.

    My suggestion is “Be a Godsend in 2010”!

    Terri Rau

  15. I think a good slogan that will a compliment to go along with one of your favorite teaching statemnets,
    “Before you see any success, you must take consistent action for a
    significant period of time!”

    would be:

    ” Just do it again in 2010″

  16. Twenty Ten Prosperity Again!

  17. 2010 – Success Again!

  18. 1:47 pm on November 6, 2009

    Input on a slogan, if it helps: ” 2010K Online Go Gettors”

    Enjoyed your video clip as usual, your humor is cool!


  19. Is It Your Year In 2010?

  20. My Year In 2010

  21. 2:12 pm on November 6, 2009

    Chase your dreams 2010

  22. How about.. In 2010 I Will finally Win! or I Will Win in 2010!

  23. 2:46 pm on November 6, 2009

    The Journey of Prosperity begins again! Empower Success in 2010

  24. 2:56 pm on November 6, 2009

    Achieve your state of Zen in 2010!

  25. Hi Devon and Suzanne, I hope this finds you both happy and well, my saying is

    Women and men can be winners in 2010

    or creepy version

    With the Help of Devon, Women and Men can be Winners in 2010.

    yours Tony.

  26. Hi Devon, here’s another

    2010 is not just for men, women can be winners too.

    yours Tony.

  27. 5:03 pm on November 6, 2009

    Let’s do it again in two thousand ten.

  28. 7:04 pm on November 6, 2009

    Bend and Mend in “2010”

  29. 7:15 pm on November 6, 2009

    Here’s my slogan for 2010…..”More invites to send in 2010″

  30. 7:42 pm on November 6, 2009

    15 minutes could make you 15 thousand with Devon in 2010

  31. 7:58 pm on November 6, 2009

    Getting ready to spend in 2010

  32. 9:09 pm on November 6, 2009

    Here’s a slogan “Believe and Succeed” We become what we think about!!!!!

  33. 2:42 am on November 7, 2009

    Slogan…… “Vision 2010″…. What’s Yours?

  34. 9:10 am on November 7, 2009

    Here are some ideas…

    Don’t be a has-been in 2010

    Learn to win in 2010

    In 2010, my future is 20/20

    How do you spell time for success? twenty ten

    Don’t be Big Ben in 2010 (don’t stand still and let time tick by) My husband is English and he came up with this one… 🙂

  35. Make it happen in 2010

  36. 10:14 am on November 8, 2009

    Hi Devon,

    My own slogan is “Enfócate, Persevera y Triunfa”, which translates to something like “Focus, Persist and Succeed”. You can go to synonym.com for more catchy terms!. Just one request…IF you choose mine, please let me tell about it in my site, which is http://www.netpresarios.com (coming up next month).


  37. 10:16 am on November 8, 2009

    One more thing…one girl at a time bro!

  38. 10:22 am on November 8, 2009

    yyou tried you tried in2009 ,But still broke my friend come work with us in 2010

  39. 11:59 am on November 8, 2009

    Stay Real, Stay Focus for 2010

  40. 4:38 pm on November 11, 2009

    Devon has a suggestion each day that requires ninutes of focus, TEN
    Listen, and take the suggested ACTION
    and you can ignore the Great Recession in Two Thousand and TEN

  41. Hows it going Devon? As for me I have no new year resolution. Everyday is my new year resolution. I will commit myself to be more busy everyday. I will progressively move toward my goals everyday. If I make new year resolution then I have to keep thinking about the new year. Anything new i accomplished is my new year resolution.

    Thanks for all the help you gave me and for inspiring me every time I listen to you. May more success comes your way in 2010.
    Prince Samuels,
    The twin cities, Mn.

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