Goodbye 2012….Hello 2013!

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OK, So it’s New Year’s Eve….

A brand new year (2013) is just a few hours away…

Every year on new year’s eve we always RESOLVE to make the next year our “best” year… right?

But how do do we ACTUALLY make that happen?

Well, whether 2012 was everything you wanted it to be, or it was a disappointing year for you; you can make 2013 even better if you have PROPERLY set your goals.

So, I’ve got a special guest to share with you EXACTLY how to make that happen.


    (Part 1)

    (Part 2)

    (Part 3)


So, hopefully you enjoyed today’s special guest appearance.

And hopefully you learned A LOT from watching his videos on goal setting 🙂

I hope you have a SAFE & HAPPY NEW YEAR!

And As Always…

1. PLEASE leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

2. PLEASE pass this on to any other home business entrepreneurs you know (Facebook friends, Twitter friends, etc) if you think they might enjoy it.

Here’s the link:

To YOUR Success,
Devon Brown

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  1. Yo Devon,

    Dude i enjoy ur videos every single time you do them man…. they are awesome! The only question i have is this 😉 do u ever change your out look my man LOL you always have your white t-shit on and a hat on – every time i watch ur video bro – just wondering (no offense here…) 🙂

    Peace out and thanks for sharing Zig – i watch him all the time as well.


  2. Thanks for sharing. I watched all of the videos because I haveZig’s CD that I play in the car over and over.
    May you and your work family (Tara) and other familyhavea wonderfulNew Year.
    God Bless you all.

  3. 1:49 pm on December 31, 2012

    Awesome! What a way to end the year 2012 and enter 2013

    Setting goals comes to me afresh. I do believe that 2013 will bring the best for me

    as i approach my business with more enthusiasm and drive


  4. 2:20 pm on December 31, 2012

    I have really enjoyed your videos and I really don’t know how I started receiving them but I do appreciate the encouragements. I have always enjoyed Zig’s videos and I think he was a unique man with a lot of wisdom. I have set goals for 2013 and I truly believe they are attainable too. I have wanted a stay at home business for a while and that is one of the goal I have set.

  5. Hello Devon;

    Thanks very much for the videos, I am a Zig Ziglar fan, but it
    has been awhile since I heard this message. I need to revisit
    my library more often.

    Thanks for getting me back on track.
    I am looking forward to meeting you one
    It is so great to be around like minded people just
    like yourself.
    Keep up the great work my friend.

    Dennis Wellington

  6. 2:31 pm on December 31, 2012

    Great video message, and many thanks for the (new to me) video’s, truly helpful in understanding how my /our mind can work, and go no where, or…
    2013 Action=now!

  7. Thanks for sharing more great Info, Your videos are always interesting!
    Happy New Year,

  8. 4:14 pm on December 31, 2012

    Hi Devon,

    Thank you for the Videos and all the Best for you and your Family for the year 2013.

    Talk soon Hilda and Lothar

  9. 4:33 pm on December 31, 2012

    A most inspirational video ,one with a great wealth of knowledge and experience.
    This is my wish for time and freedom come 2013.Thank you Devon and staff ,may God continue blessing your lives.Keep strong

  10. 6:53 pm on December 31, 2012

    Hey Devon,

    Thanks for the value that you bring. Have a Happy New Year!!

  11. 7:23 pm on December 31, 2012

    Thank you for your enthusiasm and providing these great tools. No question, Zig has be a shining star for many many years.

    Happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year to you and your staff and associates. May 2013 be the year we’ll remember as the one we turned the corner.

    Continued Blessings an success.

  12. 8:00 pm on December 31, 2012

    hey devon,
    Enjoyed your videos… I’m a busy bee as well however don’t make any money online yet… Have all the sites set up and been working on facebook and twitter, nothing yet though.. I do see where I can improve on my twitter and face book pages cause no matter what I may write on those messages it’s still not really capturing people/ friends attention.. I see that I need a attention grabbing picture or video to go along with my bitlys, but yet have to learn how to do that…

    Trying to figure out different ways to get traffic though still trying..

    your a great teacher with much enthusiasm thanks,

    Warmest reguards,
    Lenny Cordova

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    Discover the best way to start your real estate investing..
    Real Estate:

  13. 8:32 pm on December 31, 2012

    Hey, Devon! Zig was good, wasn’t he!

    Happy New Year to you, too!

    Put Tera on-cam sometime!

  14. 5:32 am on January 1, 2013

    Hey devon,
    first happy new year you are very clever man as setting goal is the first step to achieve your goal thanks a lot for your great efforts and i hope we can both achieve success

  15. Hello Devon:

    I heard Zig speak several times and got to meet him and discuss some of his ideas with him in Atlanta about 12 years ago. He was a unique individual.

  16. 1:44 am on January 2, 2013

    I have not structured things that way , it should be because I didn’t know or took the right approach in this hold thing. So your info that you mention and the speaker really say some interesting things to put into place in making this works for me. I do need some suggestions on what things are needed .

  17. 8:00 pm on January 3, 2013

    Hey Devon;

    Thanks again for all the support and these Z.Z. video’s are great as well. It really is the way to go. I have tried goal setting a number of times and it doesn’t work unless you do the formula as it is spoken. just nodding your head and knowing what the formula is, isn’t enough, you need to take action. I’m a graduate of the both methods and ZZ’s is the best.
    I’m starting to drive traffic to my sites as we speak. The sites are awesome and I’m so proud to be an owner. Until next time…..thnx.


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