Here to Buy; Don’t Need to be Sold

Here to Buy; Don’t Need to be Sold
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I’m sure at first my title confused you, but it’s the best way to summarize this entire topic. The people visiting your website, whether they are regulars or new browsers, are looking for a product within your niche. They want to buy something! Understanding how to sell products without making people feel they are being sold to is a learnable skill.


Now this is great news for you because you want to sell something. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this article. In fact, you are probably reading this article to find a way to make people buy more from you. See how this system works? You want something that I can provide. I did not have to sell you anything because you were already looking to buy.


All you have to do is reduce the risk involved with the purchase!


In fact, I’ve talked to several people who go looking for something specific to buy and satisfy a particular need. They said they got annoyed and irritated with people who kept trying to sell them this and that when they already wanted to buy this one thing. Don’t be one of these salespeople. Just focus on reducing the risk and increasing their confidence.


There are a few selling techniques to help you accomplish this task.


Increased confidence means more sales! This is probably the most important, so it comes first. You have to have authority in your subject. This means you have an in-depth knowledge that is worth the effort of viewing and reading. If you’re selling hiking polls on a website about video games, I’m going to laugh and hit the back button.


If you are trying to sell anything, make sure it matches your specific niche. If you try to go outside your niche, you will lose authority with your audience.


A very near second place to authority is  honesty and integrity. If you say anything about your products, it had better be true and beyond satisfaction. If you’re selling hiking polls and you say that you could beat them against a wall and they still don’t break, then by all means, those hiking polls better not break when I beat them against a wall!


Social Proof goes along with your honesty and integrity. Yes, people will actually brag about and/or slam your products. The best way to focus new potential customers on the positive things people have to say about your products is by posting testimonials on your website. While you can ask for testimonials, they should be real testimonials.


Interact with your readers. Your forums or blog comment sections will provide you with a valuable opportunity. You can be involved with your customers and audience. Who really likes going to a lecture with a professor that never answers any questions or interacts with the class? No one at all! Don’t sit there and write articles without ever reading and responding to the comments following your article. When people leave positive comments, respond to what they had to say and thank them for reading your blog. If you get negative comments, don’t delete them; respond to them. This transparency will let others see how you address possible issues. Involvement is critical and powerful in helping you towards success. It can increase not only familiarity, but also your credibility and authority in your specific niche.


In the previous point, I mentioned your credibility. Credibility is a mix of all these other attributes. Credibility gives your audience a measure of your worth. You want your words and your products to be worth everything to your audience. Make it so!


Be active with your audience and know your stuff! If someone asks and question and you don’t know the answer, it’s time to do some research and learn. Answer every question with a straight and true answer. Also, make sure all of your articles are solid and aren’t full of rambling messes of words. when answering questions or writing articles, provide examples, case studies, personal stories, etc. These will help readers understand the points you are trying to make while also getting to know you better.
These strategies are not singular selling techniques. You cannot use one without using the others. They are as connected as you should be with your audience. You’ll be amazed at how quickly and effectively it works to produce results.


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To YOUR Success,
Devon Brown 🙂

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