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article-writingYou know that all internet marketers talk about using articles for home based business success. I’m going to talk to you in this article about writing an article. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to do (some may say it is), but it’s a necessary task in order to move ahead of the competition.

You can write your own articles or you can have them outsourced. If you’re going the cheapskate route, I’m sure you’re writing your own right? Are you not very big into writing? Is it a big task for you to do? I’m going to tell you how to make it a little easier on you (the easiest thing to do of course is outsource, I know I know).

First thing you need to do is sit down, get comfortable, and turn off any distractions (log out of Twitter!). What keyword would you like to focus on today? How about “Home Based Business Success“? The job now is to find out, using that keyword, what you want to write about. Seeing how that keyword is pretty broad.

You can read blogs, Twitter, ask questions to friends, visit guru’s websites, type in your keyword in a search engine and see what pops up. Use all the various avenues you typically use to find an answer to a question. From there, gather all the data you come up with and put it in a notepad file and call it home based business success. This way you know this data is for this keyword.

Take one of those ideas and try to expand on it. Make an outline if you have to or make a list of interesting tips that go along with it. From there… fill in the information with a lot of words and make it sound good. You only have to write 400 words. That’s not a lot. What you’ve read so far is a little over 300.

If you find good information somewhere or a great article, you can take that text and re-word. Don’t ever plagiarize and copy things word for word. You can take ideas and tips to re-work them, but blatantly copying them will get you in trouble. Also, make sure you put your keyword in the article a few times. This is called keyword density.

If you feel article writing is too hard, then it will be hard. Your mindset is also a factor in how you take on this task. But article marketing plays a huge role in your home based business success.

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