I Can’t Tell If My Program Is a Scam Or Not Because One Customer HATES Me, But The Other One Sent Me A Gift

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Attention Internet Home Business Entrepreneurs!
I need your help with something…
I’m trying to determine whether or not my own program is a scam…
Ok, so you probably just re-read that last sentence to make sure that you didn’t misread something, but let me assure you, you did read it correctly. Which now begs the question: “Why is Devon trying to figure out whether or not his own program is a scam?”
Well, let me explain…
As you can see by the screen shots below, I got these 2 different comments regarding the EXACT SAME PROGRAM!
This screen shot says that a guy named Glen was “Burned” by my WebCopyCat Program….

And this screen shot says that someone named Jesse was “in awe of the precision (comprehensiveness) of your training videos”

So… how can that be??????

Well, I think I have the answer – watch the video below to find out!

<== remember to click the “like & share” buttons on the left hand side if you found this post/video informative!   Phew! Boy am I relieved! It's a good thing I finally figured out whether or not my program is a scam 🙂 hahahahaha   Anyways...I hope you found today’s blog video helpful! And I hope you see the point I was trying to make; because if you can understand that point/business lesson... then you're going to go A LOT farther in your internet home business 🙂
And As Always…
1. PLEASE leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.
2. PLEASE pass this on to any other home business entrepreneurs you know (facebook friends, twitter friends, etc) if you think it might help them.
Here’s the link: http://RenegadeSuccess.com/home-business-scam-or-real-opportunity
To YOUR Success,
Devon Brown 🙂

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From over $40,000 in debt (and bankrupt at age 23, to now doing over $1-Milion in sales per year, Devon Brown (creator of RenegadeSuccess.com) enjoys teaching internet home business entrepreneurs the short-cuts he wishes he knew about when he first started. For free video advice that makes learning internet marketing FUN & SIMPLE, be sure to follow Devon on Facebook

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  1. 11:10 am on April 30, 2013

    Hi Devon
    I believe that you already know that you cannot please everybody. In this case, I seriously think that the person was to fault, “Why”, because like a lot of people, they just read the large print and don’t bother to read all the important stuff, and not only that, they expect to make a lot of money in the first week, and do not give it time to work, or even give themselves the time to learn.

    Your friend, who just signed up late last night,

    Bruce Moore

  2. 11:14 am on April 30, 2013

    I am a member of your easiest system ever at the silver level and have been for a few months now. I can easily see that you are concerned for people making money It’s easy to see that you care and are affected by peoples feedback. I would advise you to not let yourself worry about the negative feedback. It comes with the territory. Calm down. I’m sure I speak for the majority when I say , We love and trust you , and I know your heart is pure and you’re doing the best you can to help us make money. I know that if I continue to follow your advise success will come. Relax. Don’t let those bimbos rattle your chain. calm down, calm down It’s ok. We’re fine

  3. 12:22 pm on April 30, 2013

    The person who used WCC , sounds like he was not happy with that system. For what ever reason , he might be frustrated with using WCC. There is alot to learn especially the internet business. Alot of the program system are not friendly user. That’s why alot of people get frustrated with programs out there. No worries, Mike

  4. 12:30 pm on April 30, 2013

    110% agree with you Devon.

    It does not take a university course to understand that we just have to follow the instructions you give us.

    Success will come sooner or later. Just do it, that’s all!

  5. 12:40 pm on April 30, 2013

    We have a saying in the UK…..
    A poor workman blames his tools

    Enough said! Dr Liz

  6. 12:55 pm on April 30, 2013

    Spot on Devon iv’e became a member in November i will keep on going until i fire my boss.Thanks forgiving me the chance to be able to do that. vincenzo

  7. Hi Devon,

    I must admit I was pretty confused when I read your e-mail asking my opinion on whether your program was a scam or not ???

    With you being one of the straightest guys I’ve ever found online, I thought that surely there’s gotta be something wrong here!

    After watching your video that question in the e-mail all made sense and you’re right it’s all down to the people who join up, their ability to grasp the training you supply them with, then being able to realize after seeing it that it isn’t just something to put into their knowledge banks but they now actually have to take action and put it into practice, etc etc.

    That’s the ideal of course because you’re always going to get some who don’t even go through the training, but then cry foul when nothing happens.

    Like Bruce said, you can’t please everyone no matter how hard you try and although as trainers we can loose sight of it now and then, IM isn’t for everyone as some simply can grasp it’s inner working easily or at all no matter how simple and straightforward we try to make the training about it, so don’t sweat it


  8. Devon,
    Pardon me for being so informal, since I do not know you personally, but I am tired of sending money to those who want to help (themselves , that is). I watched the videos last night and WOW; I was amazed at what I saw! Not so much the content because I am sure you have seen all the hype in the internet business videos. But, I saw a young man, who seemed sincere; who was not afraid to be funny and truly had a good time doing something he believes in.
    I want some of that success, too.This morning, I received a notice from ClickBank. They have credited my accoount because a rip-off artist showed his face and I cut him off before it was too late.

  9. Hi Devon,
    I have paid for a life time membership for WebCopycat and I have paid a couple thousand dollars for your one on one coaching. You have help me made my first dollar online.

    Kind regards,

  10. 3:37 pm on April 30, 2013

    I agree with everyone else. Your program leaves nothing out. It didn’t cost a fortune to have it done for you. Never had that bebore. I have 2 niches. I now promote web copy cat. Your’re not bombarded to buy other stuff. I treated this as a business course. This is dedinetly not a scam program!!! I KNOW I HAVE BEEN DISSAPOINTED ON WHAT’S OUT THERE. Been here a few months. For some reason your program worked for me and nothing else has in the last 4 years!!.

  11. Devon,’ who we know,like & trust’
    Accountability is a hard lesson to learn, especially if our parents did not enforce it.
    Unfortunately , the American population has 15% on welfare, 8 % unemployed, 6% underemployed & 10 % retired. If any of these buy Web Copy Cat and are not ‘rich’ within 48 hours, this is a scam.

    Those who know you still’ KNOW,LIKE, &TRUST YOU !!!

  12. Devon, good video, It is true. You are going to have your haters and your non believers. That is just the way it is. One thing that is definite is you have people that know you and know that what you do and put out works period. So keep rocking Devon because you are one true soul that is out there to help people.

  13. 9:02 pm on May 2, 2013

    This is Jesse whom you mentioned in your video above. I had no idea my comments on your previous blog was going to cause you to do another video featuring my post. The point I was making with the comments about your blog with the errors was that so many people feel they have to get everything perfect before making a move in their business. You showed us that even the pro’s in this business are not perfect. My use of the word “comprehensiveness” was to reiterate the fact that your instructions are more precise and easy to follow than any other program I have tried and I have tried many in my quest for a profitable online business. Most of them sell you a product with mediocre instructions and little to no support. At least with yours, I understand what I am suppose to do. Please, Keep up the good work! You can check the authenticity of my membership with my name and email address.


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