Home Business Success Tip: Pain Is The Better Motivator

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We may not want to hear it, but it’s true….

When it comes to “Pain” and “Pleasure” as motivators, the stronger of the 2 motivators is usually always PAIN.

Check out this short video for some real life examples and to discover how to apply this fact to your home business so that you can achieve more success more quickly!!

Feel free to leave your comments/thoughts below, would love to get your feedback on this 🙂

To your Success
Devon Brown

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  1. 1:59 pm on July 7, 2010

    Well Devon, you know what they say. “No pain, no gain”. Pain is the cause and pleasure is the effect, or something like that. Great video.

  2. 2:05 pm on July 7, 2010


    Great post! It’s so true……pain is the greatest motivator.
    You can choose to go in to a vegetative state, bury your head and be pissed off at the world or you can say, “screw it, I’m sick of this!”, then take massive action.
    This applies to every aspect of your life. Personal & business.

    P.S. That reminds me, I have to mow the lawn before my wife gets back home. The pain associated with not having the lawn mowed is not pleasurable!

    Keep Rockin’!


  3. So true Devon (whoa! it’s like I’m talking to myself). For me, when I am hurting and in pain, I will do anything to stop it.

    Good stuff man!


  4. Never thought of using massive pain as a motivator but yes it makes sense. Thank You for sharing this with us Devon.

    Best Regards


    P.S. I won’t tell LOLO.

  5. 5:57 pm on July 7, 2010

    Very interesting video- but what really made a difference to me was the analogy of having to pay money when a goal was not met. That being said, super charged me into success mode immediately. Thank you

  6. 10:53 pm on July 7, 2010

    Levels as you like – working is on you.
    When you want you can start your work any
    day any time means no limit of time in a day.

  7. 3:00 am on July 8, 2010

    That is the basic but simple truth in life. Without pain, people do not enjoy the fruits of their hard work. Pain in this case does not have to be phusical…it can be emotional and physcological.

  8. Excellent way of relating pain and motivation. Devon is a very motivating individual. Thanks Devon.

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