Home Business Success Tip: Sorry – But It Ain’t Gonna Happen Overnight!

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Let’s take a second to talk about something that I wish I had taken to heart when I fist started as a home business entrepreneur. I had this secret told to me back in 2001 when I was attending my first “how to make money” seminar (which I spent $4,000 to attend). This was a real estate investing seminar and I was bound and determined to make it as a real estate investor (to this day I still don’t know squat about real estate investing – lol)
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Anyways, I went u to the gentleman who was teaching my group and proceeded to tell him how bad I needed money now! I can’t remember the gentleman’s name but we’ll call him “Bob” for the sake of this article. Here’s how the conversation went.

Bob: So Devon, which area of real estate would you like to focus on?

Me: Which ever one will make me money the fastest…and I need money RIGHT NOW!

Bob: But which area do you like the best, which area could you see yourself doing long term?
Me: It doesn’t matter Bob, I went completely broke in order t make it here, I’ve got to make all of my money back in 30 days or I’m gonna die
Bob: Look Devon, I’ve been there…and I’m telling you it’s not gonna happen overnight. You’ve got to stay focused for an extended period of time and then slowly but surely results will start to happen.

Me: That’s nice Bob, but I don’t have time to dilly dally around I NEED MONEY NOW!

Needless to say; my real estate investing career didn’t last very long: But that’s not the point of the story.

The point of the story is that I had someone telling me the REAL answer. I didn’t want to listen. So I went about doing things my way and continued to jump from opportunity to opportunity, while at the same time continuing to stay broke!

Here’s the bottom line. I don’t care WHAT the guru promises you, how badly you want it, or how certain you are that “this is the one” Success and true financial freedom WILL NOT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT!!!! So there it is, the 100% truth, either accept it and move forward, or continue to fight it and keep struggling!

Let me put it another way….

When it comes to you achieving success, you will have to work hard at first and be willing to get little or no results. After a while, you will hit what I like to call the “tipping point” and things will start to happen for you faster then you ever thought.

To better illustrate his path to success, let’s take a look at what will happen if you take a penny an double it ever day for 31 days.

Day 1 – .01 cents

Day 2 – .02 cents

Day 3 – .04 cents

Day 4 – .08 cents

Day 5 – .16 cents

Day 6 – .32 cents

Day 7 – .64 cents

WOW – not very impressive 🙁

But let’s keep going

Day 8 – $1.28

Day 9 – $2.56

Day 10 – $5.12

Day 11 – $10.24

Day 12 – $20.48

Day 13 – $40.96

Day 14 – $81.92

Woo Hoo- $80 bucks and the month is half way over!

Day 15 – $163.84

Day 16 – $327.68

Day 17 – $655.36

Day 18 – $1310.72

Day 19 – $2621.44

Day 20 – $5242.88

Day 21 – $10485.76 – This is where the “tipping point” occurs

Actually this isn’t looking too bad –

just 10 more days to go

Day 22 – $20,971.52

Day 23 – $41,943.04

Day 24 – $83,886.08

Day 25 – $167,772.16

Day 26 – $335,544.32

Day 27 – $671,088.64

Day 28 – $1,342,177.20

Day 29 – $2,684,354.40

Day 30 – $5,368,708.80

Day 31 – $10,737,417.60

Now, if you don’t understand the analogy, let me explain. The penny represents your work effort compounded over time. If you notice, you go about 2/3 of the way through the month before you start seeing any serious gains.

Just like it takes consistency to turn a penny into $10-Million…It also takes consistency for you to reach your financial goals as a home business entrepreneur. But with FOCUSED & CONSISTENT action; it WILL happen!

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From over $40,000 in debt (and bankrupt at age 23, to now doing over $1-Milion in sales per year, Devon Brown (creator of RenegadeSuccess.com) enjoys teaching internet home business entrepreneurs the short-cuts he wishes he knew about when he first started. For free video advice that makes learning internet marketing FUN & SIMPLE, be sure to follow Devon on Facebook

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  1. 7:11 am on May 4, 2009

    Cool! So, I’ll be making $10 million in 30 days? lol… You just know somebody’s going to read that, and that’s what they’ll get out of it. Good article.


  2. Hi there Devon,

    Hey, you one cool dude!! The more I see of you the more I love your infectious style. Keep it coming.
    You are spot on the money with this video. So many people do seem to fall by the wayside early doors. I have been marketing online part full time! (I am a stay at home dad so do about 2/3rds of a full week!!) for a year now and am still waiting for a modicom of success. However, I am 150% certain that it will happen for me.

    As you can imagine there are days however, when the seeds of doubt do try to creep in but thanks to your infectious positivity, I get right back on the horse and start riding again!!!

    Thanks a million

    May your wealth grow with you


  3. Hi Devon,

    I also think you resonate with me cause I live in Torquay (UK) which is in the county(state) of Devon!!!!



  4. 10:01 am on August 4, 2009

    You got it wrong. Check your language usage. If you double “a penny” every day for 30 days you get $0.60. But what you should say is that if you double a penny, then double the amount that you get. Starting with “just” a penny you can double the amount. Two cents is not a penny. If you double a penny you get tow pennies, then you double two pennies you get 4 pennies, and so on, starting with just one penny.
    If you adjust your language usage you’ll get your message across much better.
    That story has been used in MLM since the start of Amway.

  5. 9:45 am on October 12, 2009

    Aloha Devon, I love the analogy and yes, this was brought to attention before. When I was sitting around with other sales people and we were bored. The subject came up with a Asst. Manager, when I was in retail sales. He started to figure it out and we were all intrigued how the numbers grew. so I can relate and understand, it will take time and work to get the numbers we are working toward.

    Mahalo, for this analogy and the information. Keep bringing forth the up-date tips. Good stuff! Lani

  6. Great post Devon! Love the penny example, I was first told that story when I was a kid and it has stuck wit me ever since.

  7. LOL…You are still as hyperactive and passionate…I mean that in a good positive way.

    It’s true…many folks say that they are working online but they are just farting their lives away.

    IM is work and often I work 12 hours a day to maintain my online business.

    Perseverance pays but you must go step by step completing all your tasks every day or else go find a McDonalds job cause there is no goose that lays golden eggs.

    What helped me was to think of “building a business” online with the exact same guidelines and rules as an offline business.

    If you won a store offline and you play golf all day are you going to make money????

    If you work online and you are only spending the whole day chasing the next fad or goofing on Facebook are you going to get rich??? Hell No!!!!

    It’s a business folks and you need to build it brick by virtual brick :o)

  8. Dear Devon:

    I love your illustration and, like you, want to make some BIG money. One of my weakest attributes is not having great patience. I want to have things happen overnight.

    Help me with the patience thing.


  9. 2:15 pm on January 26, 2013

    Hi Devon,

    When I was a life insurance salesman years ago the same analogy was played for we novices. We then took it a step further by using our real income for a day and doubling it each day that it equated the same as the first day. By doing that we came to a realistic number which related exactly to the amount of repetitive action that we used each day. By doing this we became aware of the necessary actions that were required to achieve the result we were looking for.
    Focused consistence was the name of the game and it is still the same today.
    If you do the same thing at the same time day after day after day and make corrections for minor faults the eventual outcome is success.



    P.S. iI must thaNk you for the opportunity you have presented to me to help me better my life standards. I am certain that God Blesses you each day of your life.

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