OMG! Hot New Niche Is Creating Instant Floods Of Cash!

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Have you heard about this HOT NEW NICHE? It’s the niche to end all niches! This niche is almost “Magical” and it’s sure to make you money!

Watch The Video To Discover The TRUTH!! Sorry The Video Is So Dark… It’s Probably Because I’m Black 🙂


See… I told you that this video was the TRUTH!!

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To YOUR Success 🙂
Devon Brown

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  1. Awesome video Devon,

    Totally agree …focus, focus, focus on one thing and you’ll succeed. That next shiny ball isn’t going to appear because it is already sitting on their laps, as long as they are passionate about the niche and put forth the effort to get it done.

    I’m living proof…

    Thanks again …Chat soon


  2. Preach Brother. Thanks for keeping it real.

  3. Devon
    I don’t think you can get any more real then this. I hope that you can stay this way as it is great to hear someone tell it like it is THANKS

  4. Cool lesson Devon. Thank you for reminding us not to jump on the latest fad.
    I’m going to send a mail out to my list to have a look at your video!
    Love your stuff. 🙂

  5. Devon Brown, Speaking the truth as usual!

    Keep preaching man! When will they learn?

    Find one thing you are good at, and master it, then move on to the next one.

    Thanks for sharing Devon and have a good one!


  6. 3:32 pm on December 8, 2011

    True, True, True! …”The TRUTH shall set you free!”
    Thanks Devon.

  7. 3:48 pm on December 8, 2011

    Hey Devon — GREAT vid!

    I thought of a name for your great advice blog — “Devon Intervention” (a play on devine intervention)!

    Also, I thought it was cool how this vid started out very dark. Then, as you were speaking, and we were LEARNING A VALUABLE MINDSET LESSON, the vid got lighter + lighter — as if, the longer we watched, the more we would “SEE THE LIGHT!”


    — TW

  8. 3:22 am on December 9, 2011

    “CLICK HER TO DO SO!” – You got someone on your mind Devon? lol 🙂

  9. Hi Devon,

    Yes, I have to say I was disappointed!

    I tend to get 100+ e-mails hit my in-box every day from various marketers with a subject line something like “Hot New Niche, Dive in and make a Killing” and to those I always say “Yeh, yeh, yeh (followed by Delete, Delete, Delete) so when I received your message with a similar subject line I felt very disappointed thinking “Oh no, surely not Devon too”

    But as it was from you I opened it up and clicked on the link, great video, ten seconds in the smile returned to my face and I have to say this is one of the best ever videos you’ve done.

    It shows up the farcical Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow syndrome that many marketers get memorized by and how hopping to the next one days after jumping into the last for another few days until the next comes along is pure madness.

    I particularly liked your analogy of trying to tie both shoelaces at the same time, describes this syndrome to a tee.

    Sure their will be a great money making niche come along occasionally, but 99 times out of 100 it’ll be on a subject where you don’t have any knowledge about it at all and by the time you’ve clued yourself up on things the quick money has already been made.

    Of the one in 100 that you do already know a little about, nine times out of ten those will be on subjects that bore you ridged, so the luster of those will disappear before you even have your system set-up and in place.

    So starting out the best niche to get into is on a subject where you enjoy talking about it and in the early evening start to converse with like minded people about that subject to the point where you look at the time and suddenly it’s 6 am, when that happens you’ve found your hot niche and need to create your business around it (search engine interest permitting) then focus all of your attention on it and completely disregard any others.

    The only time to even consider the next is when that first one is up and running and the system you have in place is making you enough money consistently without any (or very little) further input from you.

    Again superb video Devon and I will put up a link to it on my blog (and thanks for allowing that)


  10. Hey Devon,

    Well this niche thing is a very subjective thing to think about.

    After something like a year, having a blog and trying to build trust and all that in the Internet Marketing Niche, I figure out many (if not all) successful bloggers recommended to stay away from the Internet Marketing niche.

    They all said picked whatever it is, just avoid the make money online, the blogging to profits, income with blogs, etc, etc kind of niches.

    Just when I finally decided they were right, I took a mentor and the first task was to put up an Internet Marketing Blog out there.

    I was a bit turned off but after seeing so many people out there struggling with the most basic stuff on Internet Marketing related topics, I immediately thought that it was maybe not that bad of an idea.

    I think that even if it is too overcrowded, if you make a difference, someone will resonate with your person and that person will eventually become a downline or a buyer or a lead.

    It just comes to strengthen what you just said here Devon, it is not about the niche itself, it’s about us and how do we present it to others or at least that’s the impression I have about it.

    Really cool video as always, keep up the good work man!


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