How NOT To Get Twitter Slapped!

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twitter-logoDid you know that you could get in trouble for doing things like following too many people in one day, using auto-follow too often, and having “questionable” tweets? Twitter is cracking down more and more on the Tweeps (that’s Twitter people) who are only using Twitter to spam.
It’s called getting “Twitter Slapped” and it’s the last thing you want to have happen to your account. A “Twitter Slap” is where Twitter suspends your account for a week (or longer) because they deemed your account as spam or as being questionable if a human is using it or it’s a robot running the show.
This is how NOT to get Twitter slapped, and then I’ll tell you how to get your account back.
1) Don’t follow too many people in a day by using an autofollow. You should manually follow your followers or find them yourself using search features. A lot of programs offer auto-follow, through keywords or mass following programs. You can safely mass follow people through sites like Tweepular. But those people may not be interested in your kind of tweets. Stick to manual.
2) You can use a service to unfollow those who are not following you (called “Tweepular”), but use this tool every few days. Mass unfollowing people so you can follow more people will send a red flag to Twitter. You can safely unfollow a few each day if you need to clear up your list, but do so manually.
3) You can set up a service to Auto-Tweet or Tweet Later, but don’t use this exclusively. You must Tweet yourself a few times each day. Twitter knows when you’re using a program to send auto-tweets. If you do chose to use auto-tweets then space out the tweets sporadically.
Of course you can do all of these things and you may or may not get Twitter slapped, but if you do… it will take more than a week to get it back. It will take you emailing Twitter support a few times and then they’ll get back to you and reactivate it. You may not get it back at all, but I’ve seen Twitter be very kind about this and basically slapping someone on the wrist, telling them not to do it again.
If Twitter does not get back to you after your first attempt at contacting them, then keep at it! I actually ended up sending 20 e-mails over the course of 3 days telling them to re-instate my account. Yup, that’s right, I got twitter slapped!
Remember…follow the simple advice above and you’ll keep from experiencing the same frustrations that I did 🙂

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