How Thinking Like an Entrepreneur Will Make You Money

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One of the most important factors you need to have when making money online is the entrepreneurial perspective. The drive to create and turn ideas or concepts into profitable online entities requires a thirst for success and an innovative mind.

Building a powerful blog that earns a lot of money not only involves writing great content everyday but also understanding clearly how some have succeeded where others have failed.

The desire to build something lucrative, popular and successful fuels the entrepreneur’s perspective. Learning how to think like an entrepreneur when you’re on the internet is a simple way to eventually make more money in the long run.

How to Surf the Web as an Entrepreneur

The end-user perspective is natural to all of us. We approach most websites as a customer or user who wants to get something out of the web page we are on, be it entertainment, a product or actual information that may be useful to us.

On the other hand, the entrepreneurial mindset seeks to understand the inner workings of a lucrative website. The entrepreneur seeks constantly to build a well-oiled, sustainable and lucrative business model.

For the entrepreneur, every website is a tool that can improve your existing websites or expand your collection of money making ventures.

Here are some methods to get the most out of the sites you visit:

* Harvest Ideas from different niches. What concept or idea can you take from another website and use it for own projects? Look at what makes a specific site stand out within its niche and apply the same methods to your own site. Cross-niche research is a great way to develop attractive value propositions for your targeted audience.

* Usability and Design. Look at how other websites handle their site design and overall structure. Study how they set up their presell pages for sales or signups as they will help you to improve your own site conversion rates. Do not steal their designs but absorb the principles which make their website work. Apply these usability guidelines and design ideas to your own site.

* Business Model. One question I always ask myself without fail when visiting every website on the web is “How does this website make money?“. Examine the web site’s business model to find out the source of their income and discover what makes them sustainable and profitable. Seek to apply the relevant monetization or income model on your own website.

* Cause for Popularity. If a website you are reading is popular within its niche, try to understand what makes them popular. If they are a competitor, find their source of traffic and use it to your site’s advantage. Find out what endears users to the specific brand and how it attracts its target market.

* Appropriation and Cooperation. For every website you come across, try to focus on two main things: Firstly, focus on mutual benefits by seeking opportunities for strategic cooperation on any joint projects. Secondly, ask yourself how you can appropriate and improve the features currently offered by this website. Examine what they are missing and seek to plug that gap by producing the service on your own website.

* Advertising Venues. Every relevant website you visit should be considered as a possible advertising venue. Jot down their advertising details so you can purchase ads for your projects in the future. Alternatively, every website you visit is also a potential ad buyer for private ad space on your sites.

Even if you do not intend to start your own online business or website soon, the entrepreneurial perspective allows you to develop an understanding of how businesses or website can make money.

Whenever you visit any websites online, step out of user-perspective for a moment and think like an entrepreneur. It’ll definitely help you to increase your online income.

Article by Dosh Dosh

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