How to Achieve Home Business Success Writing E-Books

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If you have a computer, an internet connection and are an expert at anything it is possible to achieve home business success writing e-books. If you are a terrific writer of fiction the same thing applies. The problem with becoming an author and getting published in the traditional way is that you first need to find an agent who is interested in your work. This can take many months. If you can find an agent who is interested and this agent can find a publisher, your book may still take over 2 years to finally get into print. Once it reaches this stage it needs to be bought by the public so getting paid for any book that you have finished writing will only start years from now. With an e-book you can publish by the end of next week. A huge difference! For these reasons publishing your own e-book is an extremely attractive proposition for the home business person who has some specific knowledge or skill that can be summarized in a “how to” book. This also applies to the aspirant fiction writer looking to make money from home. With e-books you could achieve home business success.

Here are the broad requirements for any e-book to be worth publishing:

1     It should be well written, interesting and something a member of your target readership will enjoy and derive value from.

2     It should have an attractive and attention grabbing cover

3     It should be realistically priced. A realistic price for your first book should be less then $5.

You should only publish with outfits which let you dictate the price of the book and once you have published you need to market the book aggressively.

Your primary concerns will be:

1     To determine the easiest way to produce the book.

2     To decide where will it be sold

3     To establish the percentage of the selling price you will earn from each book.

The steps required to publish an e-book are as follows:

1     Write the book. If you lack confidence in the quality of your writing then have it proofread by an expert on Elance or Vworker. Experts will bid on your job and you will end up with a properly written version of your book within days.

2     Create a cover and publish with as many services as possible. Use an expert like Rob Siders or Ray Fowler who will do the whole thing properly for you. Visit their sites and see what they offer.

If you want to do the whole thing yourself then you can visit sites such as Amazon Digital Platform, Smashwords, Lulu, Fastpencil or Scribd. These are all sites which will convert your document into a format which is compatible with all the e-book readers and most will sell your book on your behalf for a fee.

Write your book, research some of the above options follow the steps and achieve home business success.

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