How to Achieve Home Business Success Writing Resumes

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If you are a competent writer and you are looking for a venture which will help to fill in the time between writing assignments then you should consider providing a resume service. Many people who may be excellent at what they do, struggle to express themselves in print. Employers looking to hire someone, start the process sorting through resumes. This is the only way to get to a short list of people they will be interviewing so a poorly written resume can ruin the applicants chances of getting the job right at the start. For this reason there is a real need in the job market, for someone who can create arresting and appealing resumes. If you understand the basic requirements for a good resume and are a reasonable writer then the opportunity exists to use your skills to achieve home business success. The purpose of this article is to provide some guidelines for the writing of resumes and some tips for running such a business.

The requirements for any good resume are as follows:

1 The document should be attractively set out on good paper. The purpose of the resume is to convey clear information and an impression that the owner is a business-like individual. Avoid jargon from the industries where the client has worked. The prospective employer may not be familiar with it and it will only irritate.

2 The content should describe not only the work experience of the applicant but also the accomplishments achieved. Awards for outstanding service, participation in some successful team accomplishment, special projects completed etc should all be listed. This is going to allow the resume to stand above others.

3 You need to spend some time with the client and ask questions before you write the resume. Establish what type of character the person is. Ask about the responsibilities they had in their last position. Inquire about their long term career goals. Highlight any decision making or problem solving skills the individual has and list any special accountability they took on. You may also discover that the applicant belongs to a club or civic organization and decide that the employer would be interested in this. All of these things can be incorporated into a well written resume to present an interesting and rounded picture of the applicant. This should get the resume onto the short list pile (your main objective as a resume writer).

4 Be sure that you understand what type of job the applicant is seeking. This will guide you with the tone and content of your wording. The resume of a social worker will read very differently from that of a security guard.

Some essential tips for your new business:

1 You need a good computer with internet access, a professional printer and a supply of good paper (ivory or cream).

2 You need to devise a marketing campaign to promote your business. Advertise in the classifieds, use fliers and pamphlets. You need to convey in these ads, the benefits of the service you provide and the dangers for any job applicant who does not have a properly prepared resume.

3 You will be able to structure different packages for your clients. The basic service would be for a simple resume. You can charge more for a bound document and you could offer a “deluxe” package which combines resume, letters of recommendation, certificates etc all attractively bound. You may also consider offering a computer disc containing all this data.

4 Come up with prices for your service that are reasonable and fair. Look at resume sites on the Internet and search the classifieds to get an idea of what you should be charging.

Resume writing is a skill for which there is a high demand so if you have the ability and live in a busy area then you will be able to use these skills to achieve business success. Follow the above pointers and watch your new business grow.

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