How To Build A List With No Capital – Live Answers To Your Questions

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Hey Guys

Time for another post in a series of ongoing blog posts where I take YOUR questions, make a video answer to them, and them post them on my here on my blog.

The idea is that if ONE person has a question…then chances are that MANY people have the same question.

This is by far the BEST way I know to provide QUALITY content to all of my followers.

If you would like to post a question, simply go here

Scroll to the bottom and “leave a reply” with your question!

Today’s question comes from Cecily
Her question has to do with how to build a list when you have no capital to start with.

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  1. Great video. What I would recommend she do, is create a blog at If she doesn’t have a website yet, she can start blogging to establish her niche. She can then set up a Twitter account, a MySpace account, a Facebook account, and a YouTube account. She should also establish an EzineArticles account as well. This will give her the start of a traffic building system.

    All this can be done with no money out of your pocket other than her Internet access bill. I actually recommend that new people learn to drive traffic before they even consider making money online. Once you’re able to generate 1000 followers or subscribers in a niche market you can do anything you want online. Too many people put the cart before the horse; pay a lot of money and buy a lot of ebooks, and then have no clue about the practical action steps needed to generate the essential traffic that drives business.

    Once this young lady can generate 300 or 400 subscribers on her blog or Web 2.0 account, she should graduate to creating Hub pages or Squidoo lenses. There are lots of free software available on the web that would allow her to create instructional videos to post on YouTube and other video outlets. She can then embed these on her blog or Web 2.0 Pages to drive more traffic to the blogs. She can then connect with affiliate marketing products in her niche after she’s established that she can drive traffic effectively.

    She can then employ article marketing to increase back links to her blog, improve traffic to the blog and elevate her credentials in her niche market. Once she begins earning affiliate income, she can afford to purchase her Aweber account and begin list building properly.

    Because she now has traffic generation experience, she can increase their activity in order to build an effective targeted e-mail list. Anybody out there that feels that they can’t afford to work in this business should start by practicing these steps.

    The biggest hangup that people have about working online is generating traffic. Once they get over that hill, they can become profitable if they manage their business well.


  2. Great video Devon. As usual you give content we can use. I use aweber as well, good autoresponder. Thanks again for the great information. Blessings.

  3. Hey Bro.. Gr8 vid… Quite informative 🙂 and ur always so full of life n FUNNY 😛 Can u make a small VID which shows some of the BEST ways to Generate traffic.. Both PAID and FREE .. that would be really helpful 🙂 Thanks!! And God Bless!! – Khan

  4. Great video. Once she has her blog, as Dennis said, use all the social networks then write articles and submit them to all the directories. Do not write only two or three, write twenty a month. Between the social networks and articles, in about four months she will have some traffic to her blog and optins on her list.

    As you said Devon, building a list with no money takes time and a lot of work. You may want to talk about the ‘Care and Feeding of Your List’ at one point. It takes a lot of work to build a list and almost as much to keep it.

  5. 3:09 am on October 24, 2009

    If you don’t have money (everbody has money for the stuff they really really want! Unemployed people still smoke!) and no job, you have something that people with a job don’t have: TIME.

    Invest your time in learning and also, what you can do is do social work. There are surely lots of places you can go and offer your time. You won’t get paid (much) but you meet lots of people and learn new skills.

    And you still have plenty of time to build your list with those awesome tips from Devon.

    And one more tip to create videos for free:, for free you can create 30 second videos with images, and or video clips. Very cool. And then easily upload to your youtube account.


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