How to Fit Affiliate Marketing Into Your Internet Home Business, Part I

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In our previous articles, we discussed the six major types of affiliate marketing, and indicated some of their strengths and weaknesses. In this article, and in several future articles, we will be discussing how to determine how you can make affiliate marketing work directly with your Internet Home Business.

Are You a Small Website or a Blog?

If you run a blog dedicated to a hobby, or if you’re running just about any other type of small website, then you can jump right into affiliate marketing and begin making a little bit of extra money. All that you need to do to begin turning your website into an affiliate marketer website is visit the web site of an affiliate market network, and fill out their application.

Depending on how much traffic you get, the type of content that you deliver, and your expected ability to provide affiliate links, the affiliate marketing network may or may not approve you. If approved, you will receive notification, as well as a list of affiliate marketing services that you are eligible for. Read these carefully!

Once you have chosen a program that suits the needs of your website effectively, the actual businesses that will be advertising on your website will have the chance to look at your website. Assuming that they like what they see, they will provide you with links and instructions on where to place them on your website – you won’t have to provide any artwork or design at all. Once you have placed their advertisements, they will explain to you how their payment scheme is set up. You should note, however, that you won’t get paid every time someone follows their links. Rather, you will get paid only after your total amount accrued reaches a certain amount.

Hopefully your website will be approved for affiliate marketing, and you’ll have advertisements running on it in no time. Provided this occurs, all that you have to do now is continue blogging or producing content and let the money roll in.

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