How to Make Big Bucks Selling on Amazon

How to Make Big Bucks Selling on Amazon
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selling on amazonMaking money from home is the dream of many people around the world. You don’t have to deal with cranky employers, commutes in morning and evening traffic, and all of the issues associated with working away from home. Working from home has its own benefits. You decide your work hours, your work conditions, and how you make money.


One such method is buying and selling merchandise. You may have seen this at a local flea market where there are venders selling dozens of products out of boxes. Thanks to the internet, there is a faster, easier, and better method to make money buying and selling merchandise. Many people have found success selling on Amazon.


When buying, use credit cards to accumulate points. You sell the merchandise. Whatever cost is not covered by your sales is the cost of the reward points. Your goal is to redeem these points and use the merchandise you get from redeeming to push past cost and into profit. This is a risky method of business, but it can be profitable if you do it right.


As far as selling goes, you have two methods. One option is to sell your merchandise on your own. The other option is to ship your merchandise to a mass seller like Amazon. While this method is easier for you, you do face a variety of fees based on your product. Fulfillment by Amazon handles everything from start to finish making you money. They also have an easier time selling products due to their free shipping after orders $25 or more or for Amazon Prime members.


There are several ways to save money using Fulfillment by Amazon when selling your products. Here are some useful tips to save you money.


Different types of products have different referral fees. The lower the referral fee, the lower your cost to sell is. Referral fees can range from 6% to 25% depending on the category of your product.


Amazon charges $0.99 closing fee for every item sold. If you’re selling a large amount of products on a monthly basis, I recommend purchasing the monthly Pro Merchant fee of $39.99. This removes your closing fee. After 40 items, you’re saving money.


Some fees are standard rates per item. Selling higher priced items will reduce the percentage of fees from the total price.

selling on amazon

Weight and storage is also used to generate fees. Selling merchandise that is small and light will reduce the fees attached to selling these items.


Amazon has a Zero Fee Fulfillment. Products that sell for more than $300 have certain fees like Pick& Pack and Handling are cut from your cost.


When shipping to Amazon by Fulfillment, use the Amazon Partnered Carrier or UPS. With this shipping company, you can receive discounts on your product shipping.


Now that we’ve discussed how you can save money, let’s move on to how to sell effectively. These tips will help you sell your merchandise and make money.


Research merchandise to sell through Amazon’s Best Seller List. This is how you find popular items to sell. The more popular the item, the higher the demand, and the easier your merchandise will sell.


Read the reviews on the products you might potentially sell. If a certain product has excellent reviews, sell it. Customers enjoy high quality products.


New products sell better than used products. That being said, make sure your products will be able to be marked as “new” on Amazon. Select “new” from the dropdown menu when marking your merchandise’s condition. Further, if you’re marking your product as “new” make sure it is actually new.


Use competitive pricing. You don’t have to drastically undercut your competition. You also can’t undercut so slightly that your products aren’t noticed. Make it enough so your attract customers’ attention without causing a price war with your competitors.


Now we know how to both save money when selling and how to sell effectively. Here are a couple more tips to help you make money when buying and selling.


Always consider shipping containers when buying and shipping products. Estimate how many products you can fit into a given container. Then buy that product based off that increment.


Returns are tricky to work with. The higher the price of your merchandise is, the more likely you are to run into returns. Inspect the condition of the merchandise after to receive it. If it’s good, re-sell it.


These tricks will greatly increase your chances of making a real income selling on Amazon.


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