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Twitter is a social media outlet that has the ability to “tap” a world-wide  audience in to listening what you have to say. Many people are on it and many people don’t understand it. It’s a very useful tool for how to make money online for beginners. It’s free to join, requires almost no setup, and has the ability to generate a good income for you.

To join, you simply register your name, username, and email address. Once you login you can begin tweeting. Which is the act of typing in the text box, less than 140 characters. You can follow people and they will begin following you.

If you tweet well with good content and conversation, you will gain many followers and begin promoting links to them. Links to affiliate programs you may have joined on Clickbank or Paydotcom. Due to the character limit of Twitter, it’s best to shorten all URLS. There are many free programs online that will do this for you and track the statistics of how many people clicked on your link. (I like

If you track your links through a URL shortening program then you can see what tweets got more clicks than others. This will help you optimize your ad copy for each link and will also tell you the best times for your followers.

Just because you can sell to these people all the time doesn’t mean you should. If you’re spammy or salesy all the time, you will lose followers or you will only gain followers who will do the same to you. No income will come from this.

You don’t have to be on Twitter all the time to get full use out of it. You can also plug your tweets in a future Twitter program and they can be scheduled to go out any day or time you’d like. This is good for middle of the night tweets or setting it up for the weekend.

Typically you should devote about 30 minutes a day on Twitter. Tweeting quotes, interesting webpages, your affiliate links, conversations with people who ask questions, and Re-tweeting interesting things from your followers. You can plug all those into the future tweet program, log off and you’re done for the day.

It would be best before you begin promoting your links on Twitter to get a good Twitter tutorial to learn the ins and outs of Twitter so you have better results and a less likely chance of having your account suspended for violating Terms of Service. Twitter is a great tool for how to make money online for beginners if used correctly and within the spirit of social media.

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