How to Make Your Website More Searchable

How to Make Your Website More Searchable
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Google search algorithmWhile there are a number of effective ways to promote your website, search engines are still one of the best ways for people, who aren’t already familiar with you to find you. These are the people going to Google and searching things like “how to make money from home” or “how to make money online.” Google does there best to make it seem confusing, but there are several fairly basic ways you can make your website more searchable that have not changed despite the changes in Google Algorithms.


Google and other search engines go through all web content with a fine tooth comb. They look for specific key words and relevance and index everything on the internet. Knowing how to use keywords in your content is a critical skill for you to learn and utilize in your website. With the right words, you will collect visitors and clickers. The more you get, the higher your relevance becomes. Indexing takes time; you can speed the process along by indexing your own content for Google. You can go to Google’s website, and submit your own content to be indexed.


The keyword usage is not limited to your content. Your titles, though small, have a great influence on the significance of your website. In addition to increasing the search-ability of your content, titles that are well written and keyword optimized are more likely to get the attention of perspective web visitors. Keep in mind, even if your rank in the top 5 websites for a particularly keyword, the person searching still has other options. Your title needs to entice those people to click on your link, opposed to the others.

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One last bit about keyword optimization involves your images. Titles and content are critical but your images and captions contribute to your relevance standings with search engines as well. Make sure you have everything optimized as much as possible. There are many programs  and plugins available for free on the internet that will help you optimize your keywords. Another tip about optimization is to think about what you would plug into a search engine to find the content you are posting.



Your content should be relevant to your niche. Although thinking and writing outside the box can be highly beneficial, you don’t want to lose your readers’ attention. Be sure to keep your content focused on the information your readers are accustom too and interested in reading. Getting visitors to your website is half the battle. Keeping them there is the other half of the battle. You can have a beautifully decorated website, but if your content is not what visitors want, they’ll leave.


Your website should be easy to use and well organized. Sitemaps and organization increases the relevance for search engines. There are two easy steps to push this process forward. First, use Google XML Sitemaps Plugin to build a sitemap. Second, using Google Webmaster Tools, submit your sitemap Google.


Each of your articles, videos, and any content should have share buttons to several social media networks. Facebook and Twitter would be the minimum you would want to use. However, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, reddit, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn are also beneficial. You want people to share your articles and content, give feedback, and help you grow your web fan base. per


Making sure you are doing these things every time will make your website more searchable. Additionally, as you grow your social media presence and level of perceived authority within your niche, you will become even more searchable.


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