How To Tell If You’ve Been SCAMMED!

How To Tell If You've Been SCAMMED!
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I hear it all the time…

People complaining left and right that they were scammed!

To hear the “average” person tell it, the reason they haven’t made any money yet is because they
keep getting scammed.

Heck, I get accused of being a scammer at least once a week.

It’s not because I ACTUALLY did anything wrong to anyone.

It’s because of HOW people define the word “SCAM”.


I made this quick video to explain.


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So hopefully you now look at being “scammed” a little differently.

And if you don’t look at it differently and you still insist that the reason you haven’t made money after
all these years is because the “scammers got you” then that’s cool.

You can hang on to that belief for as long as you’d like.

Just know that you probably won’t make any money anytime soon though 😉

Hope this was helpful!

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Here’s the link:

To YOUR Success,
Devon Brown


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1 Comment
  1. 1:27 pm on April 13, 2015

    YOU ARE 100% RIGHT!
    I am the one spent a lot of money on various programs and with no good results, but I can’t say that was scam. I probably created that scam for myself, being not persistent to proceed thoroughly to the program I bought.
    Naturally, problem is within myself, confront the difficulties based on lack of knowledge and easily give up when problems are confronted.



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