How to use Google+ Hangouts on Air to Strengthen Your Business

How to use Google+ Hangouts on Air to Strengthen Your Business
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With all of the different social media networks out there, there are multiple platforms to choose from and use to maximize your success. Facebook and Twitter take up most of the attention in articles like this one. Today I am going to get you acquainted with another one called Google+. Their feature called Hangouts on Air will be the focus of this article. Hangouts on Air is basically a group video chat in which you can communicate and strengthen your content.

Now I’m sure you’re asking yourself what’s so great about Google+ and Hangouts on Air when you have a Facebook and Twitter for your business. You might even have a Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest, and a few others to help advertise and grow your business. Google+ is fast and easy to learn and use to grow your business. For you video bloggers, it has one of the best video platforms courtesy of Google. Coming up is five rules of thumb when using Google+.

With Hangouts on Air, you will have a panel of guests to have discussions with on your content and topics of interest. Choose them carefully. You want your guests to support your efforts and take that edge off caused by stress. Choose people that you can trust both professionally and personally. You don’t want to take advice from someone that may lead you astray either intentionally or unintentionally through ignorance.


One important character to have on your panel is someone who opposes your views. It is wonderful when everyone agrees with you and you’re all singing Kumbaya, but full agreement can get boring. Whoever you have as your devil’s advocate, make sure he or she is well prepared and treated fairly as your other panel guest.


Another strong idea for panels is to announce who will be on your next panel at the end of each Hangouts on Air broadcast. This helps you build hype in both your show and content. It also allows your viewers to build you some hype when they talk about your show to some of their friends.


In addition to your panel, include your audience. Your viewers will be more interested if their comments and questions are mentioned and asked in your Hangouts on Air. Interaction between client and host is important for making your Hangouts on Air stand out from your competitors.


There are a couple apps you can run called Comment Tracker and Q&A. Both of these will help you include your audience. Remember to listen to your guests and give them the attention they are due since they are taking their time to help you.


A big issue I’ve seen when on YouTube or Google+ is new hosts and bloggers struggling to use their tools with a reasonable sense of efficiency. Your clients and viewers will be annoyed or even irritated if your making mistakes while running your Hangouts on Air simply because you don’t know how to use your tools. Funniest one I’ve seen is when the host does not actually turn off their camera and it is still running after the fact. Get trained and know your tools.


After a few Google+ Hangouts on Air, you might have a pretty great system set up. Before you think you are through and on the downhill to fame and glory, let me stop that fantasy before you start. Your competitors will be constantly changing and growing to keep their viewers’ interest. So should you! Do not stop developing just because you have a great system. Keep in mind that everything can get better.


Whether you’re new or continuing with Google+ and Hangouts on Air, don’t force your audiences to like or follow your account. Wherever your followers and viewers pay attention to you and your business most, that’s where you give them the same attention. You can tell them about your Google+ Hangouts on Air, but don’t force them to follow you everywhere or put their questions and comments only on Google+.

With these tips and tricks, your Google+ Hangouts on Air can either get started strong or get stronger if you’ve been struggling. Google+ is a great tool you can use to grow your business and your clientele.


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