How to Use Search Engine Marketing to Improve Your Revenues and Help You Achieve Home Business Success

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Search engine marketing (SEM), is a form of Internet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs) through the use of, paid placement, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion. SEM uses various means of marketing a website in order for it to become more highly ranked by search engines.

The methods used include Ad words, article submissions advertising and making sure the search engine optimization has been done properly. It can also include Social Media Marketing which involves exploiting social media to influence consumers that one company’s products or services are valuable. The reason this area of endeavor on the Internet is important, is because it ensures that your site becomes prominent and appears on the first page on search engines. Most people only look at the first page of a search and choose something near the top. It is seen to be crucial therefore, that ones site appears on the first page of any search result.

If you run a blog from home you need to be aware of the principles of search engine marketing. Assuming you have monetized with affiliate programs, banner and text ads, the monetary success of your site is going to depend on traffic flows to your site. Use the principles of SEM to boost revenues and achieve home business success.

Here are a few key Tips to get you started:

Ensure that you have identified and selected the correct key words for your site. Examine those you have chosen and constantly assess their effectiveness. The two factors to be aware of when embarking on this process are the number of websites already indexed by search engines with your key words (search for your words on Google and note the number of page matches it reports) and the number of times your key words are searched for. For the second count go to Wordtrackers Free Keyword Suggestion Tool. Enter your words into this tool and it will generate 100 similar words with an estimated daily search volume. The words you need are those with a low count on the first measure and a high count on the second measure.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is another important SEM tool. When a company pays a certain amount for a PPC campaign it covers a fixed number of clicks and possible website visitors. When people search for or visit website pages related to your ad or industry, your ad also appears on the page to ensure that you get the visits you are paying for. When anyone clicks on that ad to go to your site you are then charged. The advantage of PPC programs is that you are guaranteed a certain number of clients every day raising your profile on the search engines.

Another trick to increase traffic and your ranking is to ensure that your site contains many optimized content articles. An article that is well written with a proper stress on the key words chosen will generate more traffic to the main site. Such articles can be placed on the website itself or on other article directories and sites. One advantage of these is that most article sites are already well ranked on search engines and these will help your site. The readers of your article will gain good information and will see you as an expert on the topic. A well-written article that offers helpful information raises your profile in the eyes of a reader and makes them inclined to trust you and buy what you recommend.

Hire a professional consultant who specializes in SEM. This will not be a regular cost but a one off audit of your site and practices may throw up some areas which can be easily improved and significantly increase traffic to your site. The consultant should also be able to advice on anything that can be done on the social media to improve your status.

Once you have been through this entire exercise you will understand a lot more about SEM and you could provide SEM upgrades to other small website owners for a fee. This is a direct way to benefit from the discipline and to contribute to you achieving home business success.

The other actions mentioned above are all important if you are to optimize the revenues earned by your site and achieve home business success. Spend some time on this topic and institute improvements. Your Internet business can only benefit from a thorough appraisal of this area and remember too that SEM is an ongoing process. You need to review constantly to ensure that you stay on top.

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