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Happy Friday Everyone!

Ok, what am I daring you to do?

Well you’ll find out once you watch the short video below!

Understand, I’m only going to DARE you to do things that are going to help you stretch outside of your comfort zone and GROW your business! As a matter of fact, doing this ONE thing allowed me to generate $10,297 IN ONE WEEK!

And by the way…

The whole reason I even decided to “challenge” you in this way is because of a question submitted by Jeanette!

Here is Jeanette’s Question:

“Devon, I would like to know how do I find someone who wants to work with me as a partner to help each other grow a great business, and if I do find a partner, how do I ensure I don’t train that person with my knowledge and he/she goes out on his/her own? Do I ask for capital to put into the business to ensure the sincerity and commitment?”

Find out the answer (and the DARE) here:


Hope you enjoyed the video!

Here’s the link to the site I was talking about that will allow you to find like-minded people in your area! CLICK HERE

Just look for Internet Marketers in your area!

Remember to leave a comment below and share this post with your twitter/facebook friends if you found it useful!

Have A Great Weekend!

Devon 🙂

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From over $40,000 in debt (and bankrupt at age 23, to now doing over $1-Milion in sales per year, Devon Brown (creator of RenegadeSuccess.com) enjoys teaching internet home business entrepreneurs the short-cuts he wishes he knew about when he first started. For free video advice that makes learning internet marketing FUN & SIMPLE, be sure to follow Devon on Facebook

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  1. 3:48 pm on February 4, 2011

    Another entertaining and useful bit of information…. Hope to cross paths someday….

  2. 4:07 pm on February 4, 2011

    I always appreciate your videos Devon. Great advice. When you ramble…I still listen. You’re great!

  3. sweet
    I been looking for a partner of sorts
    this video made me think about it a bit more


    jeanette if your looking for a partner contact me!!! lol

    or anybody else who is interested in building a parrtner

    going to meetup now

  4. Hi Devon,

    I am a newbie to your blog and products, I have recently bought your new WP Plugin WP Lapdance. So thanks for the great info. I am going to be doing interviews from some top marketers and I and going to contact a big marketer soon.

    But I want to go and meet them in person and do the interview, actually meet them in person to do the interview. Also I have never heard of meetup.com so I will check it out. So thanks Devon.


  5. Indeed, another informative video.
    However, I cannot help but think these videos would be far easier to watch – if it wasn’t for the fact that Devon must first give the intro.
    I do not doubt that you are in fact an irrepressible force of nature and – that you are actually like that in real life. Good on you, go for it.
    But, shit, can you tone it down a bit, please?

    Chris. Meagher.

  6. 2:49 am on February 5, 2011

    Ok Devon I have done your challenge found a group 41.6 miles away with three members.

    So I am going to look into building a group in my area myself. Thanks for the idea hopefully this will work. I really like the idea of having real people to talk to every month. Not sure how all this is going to play out if you have any more advice I am all ears.



  7. Hi Devon,
    Great post and video mate.
    Partnering is cool…especially when you have compatible personalities and skills that compliment with strengths in areas we are not so strong.

    As a network marketer I find it easy to find people who want to go in the same direction, but the challenge is always finding people that put in an equal commitment

    I have taken up your challenge Devon and hooked up with a meeting group in my area…will keep you posted
    Thanks for the tip


  8. 8:58 pm on February 5, 2011

    As always Devon you give good and useful info. Keep up the work Thsi information works for finding a partner in any business not just online marketing. One should emphasis that a paetnership requires a lot of the meeting of the minds to work. Think well or plan well and document well.

  9. Great idea about Meetup.com.

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