My #1 Secret For Making A CRAP-TON Of Money

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I can’t BELIEVE I haven’t made a video about this before.
Every once in a while I’ll get REALLY motivated to make some money. Usually, this motivation will come from some external source.
Example: I got a $16,000 tax bill in the mail, and ended up making enough money to pay it off in just a few weeks.
Example: For my birthday, I booked a cruise to Europe on my AMEX and gave myself 27 days to pay the whole thing off…I ended up making $20,000 in 4 days and paid it off with no problem.
Example: Back when I was working for my mentor (and selling our high-ticket coaching class) I ended up racking up a whole bunch of bills because I had just purchased a new house… That month I sold almost $50,000 in courses and I walked away with over $10,000 in my pocket (not a bad month for
an “employee”.
You see…whenever I “decide” that I “need” to make money, I do this ONE THING! And it ALWAYS WORKS.
Last week, when I was in San Diego at a mastermind for 6 – 7 figure income earners, everyone stood up and shared their BEST tip for making money.
Most of the tips were REALLY advanced. But then, one guy stood up and revealed his #1 Secret.
I realized that the #1 SECRET he shared, is the SAME #1 THING that I do when I “decide” that I NEED to make money.
You want to know what it is?
Just watch the video…
But I should warn you…
It’s so simple that you ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWER!

Ok – so there you have it!
The ONE THING you MUST DO if you want to make a CRAP-TON Of Money in your home business!
I hope you got something from this video and it helped break through any blocks you have with regard to making money.
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To Your Success,
Devon Brown 🙂

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  1. 2:51 pm on October 3, 2013

    I do the same thing except I sign it. There was a while when I was told that focusing on an exact amount was not optimal. I spent a year not targeting the amount. Bad year. Next best would be learning to ask for more than exactly what I think I need.

  2. 10:21 am on October 22, 2013

    Very good & interesting article.

    However, I do not fully agree with the external motivation technique. I have first learned about this technique from Eben Pagan in Get Altitude.

    It is called “Accountability Thinking”. The process is simple. Give $100 to a friend and unless you will accomplish your given task, you will lose that $100.

    The pain of losing $100 or $500 or $1000 is a lot higher than the pain of doing the required work.

    Nevertheless, in the long term, a strong commitment, vision and passion will get myself further than motivation hacks.

    What do you think?


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