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Hey Everyone,

The video below is a SINCERE apology for something I unintentionally did 🙁

The other day I sent out an email to you guys and a few of you emailed me back telling me that you “expect more from me”.

As a matter of fact…here’s a copy of one of the emails that was sent to me.


I like your style and love your videos. However, this offer seems totally contrary to what you constantly state about internet marketing.

How do you justify sending this out? And are you using it yourself?
Don’t take offense, just doesn’t seem to jibe with your constant message of building a site, building a list, etc.

Anyhow, still a fan.

Hugh McDowell”

<Here’s My Response To Hugh & The Others



What’d you think?

If you want, you can leave a comment below!

And again…I’d like to thank Hugh, David, Lew, and everyone else who sent me an email telling me that they expect more of me 🙂


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  1. Very commendable of you as it seems that many blast anything out to their list and complaints are silenced by highly frequent subsequent blasts. Truly successful promotion comes from knowing your list, their strengths and weaknesses and therefore what exactly they need in order to move to the next level. It’s a win-win.

    Let’s hook up soon!

  2. Aloha Devon,

    Just wanted to say that folks aren’t evil for selling something that is less than valuable.

    ALSO, just because you “know them” does NOT mean that what they are selling is quality.

    Just sayin’ …

    The ONLY way to protect the integrity of your business reputation is to promote only what you USE, or to at least check it out thoroughly before you promote, no?

    Your video was a nice offering, but falls short of the truth. “I thought it was a hot product, I thought I’d make some money promoting it, so I acted without thinking it through.” Isn’t that a bit closer to the truth? Is it comforting to know you will only promote folks you know without checking it out in the future? It ain’t to me …. just sayin’ ….

    Mahalo Nui for hearing me out.


    • 2:49 pm on February 4, 2012

      Hey Carrie,

      I appreciate your comment but would say a couple of things…
      1. Did I say that folks are “evil” for selling something that’s less than valuable? No…So Please don’t put words into my mouth.

      2. My point was never that the product they’re selling isn’t quality JUST because I don’t know them…several people who I don’t know sell quality products everyday. I never even insinuated that. My point was that if I KNOW THEM personally, then
      that carries weight with me because I can vouch for their CHARACTER, and if I don’t know them personally then I should do more due diligence.

      3. RE: Your statement “The ONLY way to protect the integrity of your business reputation is to promote only what you USE, or to at least check it out thoroughly before you promote, no?” No..Case In Point: I recently did a webinar with a guy named Omar
      Martin…I neither used nor fully checked out his product…but I know him VERY well and I ABSOLUTELY trust him.

      I don’t always have time to check out/use every product out there..but if a FRIEND of mine who has come out with nothing but QUALITY in the past tells me that his product is quality…then I will trust him/her until they’ve give me a reason not to. The feedback that I’ve been getting from the people who have purchased this product has been nothing less than stellar. However…if something bad were to happen (which will be the case sometimes just because we’re all human), then I’ll shoulder the responsibility and continue to move forward.

      Conversely – there are people who I know who I would NEVER tell my list about. I know many marketers who are less than ethical. These guys ask me to promote their stuff all the time..and I tell them NO…because I know their character and what
      they’ve done in the past.

      It’s sad that you couldn’t HEAR that what I was saying had more to do with trust/integrity than it did with me just “knowing” someone. I think most people who watched the video understood what I was really saying. There are many people who make money online differently than I do…Many of these people have quality products…I am not going to change up my entire business model just to implement Someone’s mobile marketing product (for example) for 2 months before I tell you about it. If I know the person to be on the up & up and I have people in our community (who I trust) tell me that their customers get value from what that person is selling/teaching…then I will promote them (not only to make money, but also because there are those on my list who may be interested in making money with mobile marketing…and since I know nothing about it, its OK for me introduce them to an HONEST individual who does).

      Are there people who have products out there that I would gladly promote just because the verbally assured me that the product is valuable and that they will treat my list with respect?…YUP…That’s the point of having relationships and people you can trust.

      Does that provide you comfort? Nope… but that’s just how things work sometimes, so I’m ok with that,

      Do you mean to tell me that there aren’t people out there who you explicitly trust and would gladly say to me “Devon…work with this guy!! He’s awesome” (even though you’ve never actually used him before)…I certainly hope you have at least a few people who you can trust like that.

      4. Sorry you think my apology “fell short”…but I’m even more sorry that you think you heard me say:
      “folks are evil for selling something that is less than valuable”
      “just because I “know them” means that what they are selling is quality”
      “I will only promote folks I know without checking it out in the future”

      When in fact, I never said any of those things.

  3. 9:11 am on February 4, 2012

    Hey I agree with Hugh, I love your videos!!! and the fact You understand when You make a mistake and not only, the fact You tell people You understood that mistake. You re honest and humility. I don’t know what that video was, but if is the video with the guy that made only 200 bucks in 8 years, I agree with Hugh and the other. If not, I shut my mouth. Any way if somebody has seen that video I want to say that when I sow the eyes of that man I felt very sad for him and obviously I heat the fact that some people use him to sell a product. I wish you that guy all the success of the world, though I need also to make money!

  4. Dear Devon:

    You’re the man! Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone can be man enough to admit it. This video that you have just made for us shows that you really do care about your subscribers.

    Great video Devon! Keep up the good work, and, yes, you are still sexy.


    Billie Jean


  6. 9:38 am on February 4, 2012

    Ha ha.. I haven’t watched this video yet, but I am the ‘David’ mentioned so right off the bat I am honoured! Glad you recognise the good part of getting those emails Devon… Pity we don’t all have someone to call us on bad choices!

  7. Hi Devon,

    Yes, I must admit I too was most surprised when I got your e-mail and clicked on the link to find an ad stating that everything you and I teach was a complete waste of time and how that product was (like so many others) apparently going to make everyone mega rich in the blink of an eye.

    Although I then remembered a video you did a few weeks ago stating that sometimes you send out promos for other marketers when you owe them a favour so just put it down to one of those instances.

    Although from your previous teachings I was sure that this particular one had “Slipped through the net” so to speak and your apology shows that was indeed the case, and it was good of you to hold your hand up to it, making the odd mistake now and then shows we’re human and nobody can be infallible,

    But on the plus side, from your subscribers’ responses it does show you are teaching them well as they didn’t fall for the “Quick Riches” hype that we’re all subjected to these days.

    So chin up


  8. Devon.

    I don’t leave many posts on your blog, but man I just want to give you major
    props for keepin’ it real.

    There are only 2 people online who I will buy a product from based on just a recommendation without even reading the sales letter–That would be You and Jim Cockrum.

    I definitely trust your integrity.

    BTW, I am loving Omar’s membership site. I still can’t believe how much high quality content is in there!!

    Also, Love Web Copy Cat!!

    Looking forward to more great content and recommendations!

    Clifton C.

  9. 12:15 pm on February 4, 2012


    Love the fact that you owned up to your mistake. You’re right. We all make them. I make more than my fair share as well. I appreciated the the quick apology e mail you sent. The video and post only proves that you do indeed care about your subscribers. I even got a mention in your response. Wow! Makes a guy feel special! 😉

    Keep up the good work!


  10. 1:05 pm on February 4, 2012

    Hi Devon-
    Thanks for your response. Many would not have taken the time to publically answer. You’re still a class act and still the man!
    hugh mcdowell

  11. Hey Devon , Cuban Bro Here.

    Listen brother when you have certain relationship with your list Yeah; they expect certain
    things from your experience as a marketer. Now it takes a Big Man to apologize the Way you
    did and for That you have earned my deepest Respect and Admiration. Kudos to you Man !

  12. 3:13 pm on February 4, 2012

    Hey Devon,

    I totally agree with your rebuttal and sometimes people have selective hearing and hear obviously what wasn’t said or think you should of said it this way instead of that. Thank you for being a man of integrity and truly understanding your list needs and expectations because so many marketers do not care so much and only want to promote the heck out of their list and to not balance it with value which you always give. Keep it up! I am learning a lot of what to do and what not to do.

  13. 3:57 pm on February 4, 2012

    I appreciate your apology Devon. One of the most honorable marketers I know. Are there any more like you?

  14. 8:45 pm on February 4, 2012


  15. I think I missed the previous message, but then, that’s ok. I often miss lots of things in reading my emails; especially since I am getting around 190 to 320 emails a day, (and I only look through my box once a day).
    Any way, an apology for sending out something that was under your usual level, is nice.
    Next time, DO check it out better.

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