Identifying Your Strengths in Business

Identifying Your Strengths in Business
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successful peopleIf you’ve followed me for a while, you’ve heard me talk about spending time on the activities you are good at and enjoy while outsourcing the tasks you are not good at to save time and energy.


The thought process behind this is that if you are outsourcing the activities that take you a long time because you aren’t really good at them, you can spend that time doing the tasks you are good at. Time is valuable and this makes better use of the time you have available.


However, you may have trouble deciding which tasks to keep and which tasks to delegate or outsource. This uncertainty may come from conflict between what you are good at and what you like to do because these are two very different things. For example, you might be really good at writing html code for your own web design, but having to do it makes you want to jump off a cliff.


There is a great book by Marcus Buckingham called Go Put Your Strengths To Work. In this book, Buckingham talks about discovering what your real strengths are, and he proposes there are actually four qualities you need to look for to determine strengths.


These 4 qualities are:


1. Success. You’re really good at the task, and you can effectively accomplish the task without too much frustration.
2. Draw. You feel drawn to the task or you look forward to completing the task.
3. Time Flies. When you’re working on a task time flies by.
4. Fulfillment. Completing the tasks leaves you with a sense of fulfillment; even if it was really difficult.

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Write down all the tasks you need done in order to accomplish your goals. Once you have a list, go through and decide which tasks you classify as your strengths. Use the four qualities listed above as the criteria for identifying a strength. Also, keep in mind you likely have multiple strengths.


Make a list of the tasks that do not fulfill the four qualities of a strength; these are the ones you want to consider outsourcing. Now, whenever I bring up outsourcing, inevitably, I get a response from someone who asserts they simply can not afford to outsource. Let me start by saying, I understand what it is like to bootstrap a business; I started out very small and worked hard to grow my business.


In order to understand how you can afford hiring out certain tasks, you need to change the way you think about it. Your time is valuable and worth money. If you are focusing your time on the tasks that are your strengths you will be more effective and successful than if you are focusing your time and energy on trying to accomplish something that isn’t even close to a strength.


For the tasks that are not your strengths, write down how long it takes you to accomplish the task. For example, if writing is not your strong suit, it might take you two hours to write a simple 500-word article. You can pay a writer to write the same article for $10. You have to decide if your time is worth more than $5 per hour because for $10 you can save yourself two hours.


This goes the same for all business tasks. Let’s say you just have a lot of menial tasks that aren’t getting down because you’re too busy doing other things. You can hire a virtual assistant for a couple hours a week to just keep up on your busy work for you. You can’t simply look at what it will cost you monetarily. You need to look at what it will save you. You can make more money, you can’t create more time.


One of the many benefits of being a home business entrepreneur is our ability to create a schedule that works with our lives. However, if you are not using your time effectively to grow your business, you will have no life to work around.


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