Why You Should NOT Listen To Your Prospects If You Want Higher Conversions

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Hey Everyone!

Last night I was at this singles party and I realized a very important lesson regarding conversion rates.

Seriously – understanding this simple inconsistency regarding human beings can literally mean the difference between just scraping by and getting HUGE CONVERSIONS.


Here Are My “GOING OUT” Glasses…

So, do you see now why you should NOT listen to what people SAY they’ll respond to?

As I said earlier…understanding this aspect of human nature and NOT succumbing to it can literally increase your conversion rates practically overnight!

What do you think???

Leave your comments below and let me know your thoughts 🙂

To YOUR Success
Devon 🙂

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  1. Hi Devon,

    A very thought provoking video,

    I hadn’t really thought about it before but you right, if people don’t have access to a rewind button they tend to pay more attention to the video in question, although nice to have for a training video (but then you’ve already got their money ;-))

    Sound advice on the politics side … Ho ho, don’t go there.

    Have a great weekend


    How did you go with the girl ?

    I said “Yes Devon”

  2. 1:02 pm on December 16, 2011

    Hello Devon

    That was a long way to go to say she broke your heart. Just kidding.

    You make a good point for paying attention to what people are saying. Actions do speak louder than words.

  3. 1:08 pm on December 16, 2011

    I think your glasses are awesome! Now, I think I’ll think again about long sales pages…..

  4. With regard to the negative political ads, have you seen Joe Benson’s campaign for senator in Portland?! He said Eric Jenkins was taking bribes, and…

    I’m kidding.

    Seriously, political campaign ads stir the emotions. That’s what they’re designed to do. And if you know anything about copywriting – online or off – you know that the most effective emotions you can stir are FEAR and ANGER.

    If I can make you AFRAID of my opponents, or ANGRY at my opponents, you will vote for me. And there’s no emotional response I can generate more easily or more powerfully than fear and anger. The stronger the response, the longer it will last.

    I might make you feel patriotic and feel well-disposed toward me with my positive “vote for me” ad, but twenty minutes later you won’t care. Compare that to my opponent’s campaign about how I “defended child pornography” or something, and you’ll be mad for weeks. Let him raise uncertainty about what exactly I’m going to do in the legislature, and you’ll be afraid just as long.

    We’re more responsive to sticks than we are to carrots. And in an open field of decisions, the carrot works more effectively because “away from the stick” can be any of a million different things. But in a restricted space, where there are only two or three options in the first place, you can get what you want through the process of elimination instead.

    This is where guys screw up in the dating game. They try to use the stick in an open field; the girl they’re talking to can pick any of the men in the bar, so “that guy has herpes” and “that guy does meth” doesn’t eliminate enough of your competition. What you need is a carrot – conversation starters that attract directly, instead of trying to use the process of elimination.

  5. Devon,

    All I can really say here is …I totally agree. We need to stick with what works, and forget about what you like and/or dont like.

    Good advice …I hope it resonates with many.

    Take care

    Frank Demming
    “Mr Market With Ease”

  6. 2:58 pm on December 16, 2011

    Having done corporate sales, we often look to the “smokescreen” that prevents the close. But your video is so on the money, most of the time the inverse is what the real problem is to their thinking.

  7. 3:04 pm on December 16, 2011

    yo back at ya devon yea right your so ditinquished now all you gotta do is learn to play piano like elton john an you’ll go down in history,just kidden with ya young man apreciate ya have thought of alot of ideas to do an one was to get with the guy who i was following on buying propertys with no money down from the south jersey investors club an thought of talkin to you about you speaking as a trial an error towards your larger goal of that,an yes i want in on your afiliate memberships i have alot of uniqic stuff coming to me that is very interesting an with other sucessfull entrepeneurs.you have coverd my back really well an i would love to help you in anyway i can.I to have helped many for nothing in return like giving dancers cars an just to see the joy on there face of disbelief was good enough for me i had chills of joy all over me.so my friend i apreciate what you do for me.we should talk dud.finest regards dave

  8. 6:14 pm on December 16, 2011

    Devon gave-away a million dollar idea for Higher Conversion rates what every your offering to people. Let add on to this video that dave did….. do a test, send out to postcards, one negative and one positive, and see which one response better…..

    PS grate video, 100 points…… <—- I know devon, what is 100 points, ok…ok… 5 stars.

  9. Hi Devon,

    Excellent video! This is not a concept that I had previously given much thought, but the way you explained it, makes a great deal of sense.

    I think that it has taken this video to make me “get it” because I have read so much about asking your customers what they want and then give it to them.

    This is a very unique spin on things and I thank you ever so much for enlightening me.


    P.S. Thumbs up to Tara your video maker – she is almost as awesome as you in all of your videos!

  10. I must say Devon,i was just saying that I hate videos that do that! Now I will become that in which i hate!

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