Internet Home Business Success – Making Money With Bebo

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Bebo (blog early, blog often) is a social networking website. Users receive a personal profile page where they can post blogs, photographs, music, videos and questionnaires to which other users may answer. Additionally, users may add others as friends and send them messages, and update their personal profiles to notify friends about themselves. Bebo is very similar to other social networking sites, mainly Facebook. You can make large numbers of friends on this service and these friends can be reached as a group with a single click. Because the platform creates the possibility to reach large numbers of people, it can be used to generate revenues for the individual who knows how to use it for this purpose. You may have a small business and you may be wondering if you can use the Internet to increase the scope of it. You can use your Bebo account to achieve home business success using the Internet.

There are ways to use Bebo to help you with your business.  Here are a few ideas:

1     Join an affiliate program network like Commission Junction or Clickbank. These services allow you to join them (at no cost) and they enable you to advertise the products of suppliers in such a way that you get paid every time the supplier gets a customer hit originating from your affiliate site. This method of paying for advertising is well established on the Internet and is how most of the mega sites earn their revenue. Bebo will earn revenue from your adverts and so will you. The affiliate site will allocate a URL to you which will enable you to be paid and the seller will provide you with coded links which can be used anywhere on the Internet. These links will reference your site every time they are used to access the sellers site. If you structure your ads well and they are successful in attracting interest from web users then you will earn good money. You can target all your friends on Bebo with these adverts.

2     Use the messaging feature to promote your own home business. If you have accumulated a large number of friends then you have instant access to a large number of potential customers. Keep them updated regarding new products and other developments in your business.

3    Share reviews with affiliate links. Like most social networking sites, you can link your own blog with your Bebo account. You can use that blog as a way to write product reviews and you can add affiliate links to these reviews. You can share bulletin posts to your reviews and forward these to your friends.

4      Sell advertising space to businesses who may want to contact your large group of friends. You can facilitate these targeted messages through your blog or via bulletin posts.

5      A recent development on the Internet is a service called ChatToText which, as the name implies, allows you to send your social network chatting from your computer to a cell phone. The cell phone user can reply and the reply will appear on your ChatToText screen. There are other useful features such as “follow me” which forwards messages to your cell phone allowing you to continue your social messaging on the go.

ChatToText costs $6 to join and they are using social network users to sell memberships. You can use your Bebo account and your Bebo friends as a ready market for what is a nice product. They have structured their marketing around a pyramid concept which means for every friend who signs up to the service, you receive $2 and for every friend of theirs that signs up you receive 25cents all the way down to 9 levels. Even though 25cents is a small amount of money, the multiplier in the pyramid can bring in some serious cash for you. Bebo is set up to allow you to participate in this scheme. It may not run indefinitely but while it does, you need to take advantage of it.

From the above points you can see that it is possible to make money with your Bebo account. Follow each step and persevere with it until you are achieving satisfactory inflows and you will join the ranks of those who have achieved home business success using the Internet.

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