Internet Home Business Success – Making Money With Hi5

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Hi5 is a social networking website which is designed around the gaming community. It is one of the top social networking sites in terms of monthly unique visitors. Hi5 has many features common to social networking sites (friend networks, photo sharing, user groups etc) but the gaming bias differentiates it and provides unique opportunities to make money.

In early 2010, Hi5 began to evolve from a social network into a site focused primarily on social gaming and it opened up to new game developers.

Ideas for making money on Hi5 are as follows:

1     Join the Hi5 community. Registration is free and quick. Invite your email contacts to be friends and build a large group. Enhance your profile using the applications on the left hand side of the page

2     You can now reach all of your contacts with the click of a mouse and you can use the Hi5 platform to upload product photos and descriptions of your merchandise. All this information can be shared with your group.

3     Use Hi5 to launch yourself into an affiliate program which involves advertising the merchandise of other suppliers and being paid every time someone clicks on their site from your page. This step requires some work and involves creating good adverts, each with a landing page from where customers can purchase. Research this online. The process is a little involved but you can enlist the help of professionals who you will find on sites such as Scriptlance.

4     Use the “Scrapbook” function on Hi5 to post images of the items you are selling and input links to pages you need users to visit. Use this function to tell viewers about your business and products.

5     If you are a game designer and you have developed some really high quality games, you can sell these to Hi5 who are always on the lookout for the next big game. Make money directly from your networking provider.

Remember that even though Hi5 is primarily about gaming, your fellow users have other needs as well. Every gamer needs T-shirts for example. If your business involves making and selling clever T-shirts then the Hi5 community is a fantastic market place for your products. You can incorporate current game based images and slogans and reach a whole new set of customers.

The numbers of visitors to this site makes it an exciting source of potential customers for the right business. Follow the steps outlined above to exploit the business opportunities offered by the platform and you will be well on your way to becoming one of those who can claim to have achieved home business success using the Internet.

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