Internet Home Business Success – Making Money With LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is a business-related social networking site which is mainly used for professional networking. It reports more than 100 million registered users, spanning more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. The site is available in multiple languages. The site allows users to maintain a list of contact details with other people with whom they have some connection. These contacts are actually called “connections” on the site. Because the site contains collections of highly skilled individuals it has some advantages over regular networking sites. Regular home based businesses are not likely to need this type of network but if your business supplies high end internet applications then you can definitely use this platform to grow your business.

If you run an insurance agency then you can definitely use LinkedIn. If you run such an enterprise then here are the steps you need to take to benefit from this service.

1     Go to the website and sign up for one.

2     Create your profile. Include work history, education and qualifications, past designations and achievements. The profile will also contain your contact details.

3     Connect with your friends, colleagues and business contacts for whom you have respect. You need a high quality, trusted collection of good people on this list. They will include friends from your current/past employment, college alumni, association members, etc.

4     Get endorsed. The best way to distinguish your profile is to get recommendations from others. Ask for these from esteemed colleagues and business connections and post them to your profile.

5     You now need to connect with as many people on the site as possible. The more connections you have, the more new people you will meet.

6     Join a group on the site to give yourself instant access to everyone in the group.

You will now be well and truly part of this massive community and you can use it to promote your services. Examine the connections of all of your connections. If any of them are the type of person who would be likely to use your service then you can ask for an introduction. An example of such an individual if you are an insurance agent for instance, would be a high net worth person with multiple properties or the financial director of a large corporation. If you create and provide high tech solutions for businesses keen to use social networking sites to increase their business, then you would seek an introduction with media directors and managers for big companies. This type of targeting is extremely focused and can yield immediate and significant results. The information you will get about the individuals and companies on this site is so much better than you would get from the Yellow Pages.

I read about a man called Jeff Ragovin of Buddy Media who claims to have done deals worth millions, all through contacts obtained on LinkedIn. If you have a small business which supplies a service typically used by LinkedIn members then you need to sign up immediately. You could very well propel yourself rapidly into the ranks of those who have achieved home business success using the Internet.

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