Internet Home Business Success – Making Money with Orkut

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Orkut is Google’s attempt at social networking. It is extremely popular in Brazil and India but is less so in the United States. In order to register with Orkut you must have a Gmail account and all your Orkut updates, messages, friend requests etc will be forwarded to your Gmail account. You can upload photos, create albums and add apps. You can also add scraps which include things like YouTube URLs, widgets, photos and podcasts. The service was designed for users to meet new friends and maintain existing relationships.

One of the developments Orkut is participating in is OpenSocial. This is a set of common application programming interfaces (APIs) for web-based social network applications, developed by Google along with partners. Orkut is one of these partners and this initiative makes it possible to get paid for creating innovative social apps for this interface. If your business involves designing websites, programming and building gadgets, then you will be interested in this opportunity. You create a social app, submit it to the Orkut team and if they agree that it can add value to the experience of Orkut members, they will accept it. The canvas page of the app belongs to the app and you will keep any money you make there. The advertisers need to be consulted about how their ads should be displayed on the site and you will need to comply with Orkuts other requirements but these are not at all onerous. This all requires someone with skills, knowledge and experience in building gadgets of course. If you are keen to attempt this, then you need to know that social apps are initially created in the same manner as gadgets – with your favorite text editor or within the Google Gadgets Editor. They then can be augmented with the OpenSocial JavaScript APIs, to enable them to access and post social data about friends and activities. As mentioned, you can monetize these apps once accepted, and you will get increased exposure for your ads and links every time a new user adopts your app.

The other way to make money on Orkut is to join an affiliate program which will allow you to advertise the merchandise of businesses and get paid every time someone clicks on their sites via your page. In this, Orkut is just the same as most of the other social networking sites. You need to acquaint yourself with the detailed steps to create and post the ads but there is a lot of information on the Internet regarding this topic. Research this, follow the steps and watch your business grow. If you are diligent in this process and give the project your full attention you could become another person who has achieved home business success using the Internet.

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