Internet Home Business Success – Making Money With Twitter

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Twitter is an online website which facilitates the sending of short messages (140 characters) between a person/organization and numbers of followers. This is seen by many as a colossal waste of time but the system presents opportunities for the savvy business person. Famous people and brand names that use twitter, can have millions of followers. These numbers, if harnessed properly, can constitute a powerhouse of creativity, influence and financial clout. In this article I cover some of the ways people have found to generate sales and economic activity using Twitter. If your home business has yet to take off, read on and you could become another wealthy person who has achieved home business success using the Internet.

1.      The first way to generate sales using Twitter is to harness the creativity of your followers.

If you have many followers then you are likely to be able to unleash some serious talent.
I read about a T-shirt company (who uses Twitter) who decided to run a competition amongst their followers for the best T-shirt slogan. Followers were asked to design a T- shirt and submit the design to their fellow followers. They were all asked to vote for the various submissions. The winner had their design used by the company and was awarded a prize of $2000.

The campaign was a huge success. The company was able to tap into a vast reservoir of talent for no big cost. It received an immediate and thorough market survey for nothing and everyone benefitted. The customers were included in the process and the company increased their sales substantially

2.      The next method to generate income is to sell products on Twitter.

A company in Texas who sells a range of goods at knock down prices decided to use Twitter to market their products. They run regular specials where certain items are knocked right down in price for a limited time. They are able to inform their followers about these items and send reminders that numbers of attractive items are reducing fast. This indicates to those interested, that the items are a good buy and can galvanize them into action.

3.    Twitter can be used to search for leads.

A site called makes searching for leads extremely simple. Go to the site and type in key words which pertain to your business. When someone on Twitter uses your key words, the site will direct you to the tweet. Examine the tweet and if the person is obviously in need of your services then you can communicate directly with them. This may all seem a bit invasive but such is the world of Twitter. This is direct marketing in its purest form.

4.     You can also sell products for Twitter users.

Twitter is a free service but users will pay for something that can make their twittering easier and more interesting. We are talking about apps here. Tweetie is an app which duplicates the functionality of MS Outlook but specifically for tweets. Over 12% of the total users on Twitter have purchased and are using this app. Twitter allows the sale of such apps on its site so if you are an apps designer you need to be looking at this arena.

5.     You can use Twitter to find customers anywhere.

If you have a business with mobile units selling on the street, you can use Twitter to inform followers where your units are at any point in time. This enables the units themselves to assess how many people are in an area and then move on if necessary. Your tweets will inform people about exactly where your units are. You can also include product information in these tweets (i.e. A Special on Hawaiian Burgers Today!!).

If you are in business and you are seeking new and innovative ways to market your products then you need to put Twitter onto your radar. The immediacy of the communication and the potential reach you can have into the market place create a powerful resource waiting for you to unlock. Learn how to use this resource and you will definitely become another person who has achieved home business success using the Internet.

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