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YouTube is a video sharing website on which users can upload, view and share videos. The site is not designed for commerce but rather to be a platform to share passions and to interact with others who have similar interests. It is possible however, to make money on YouTube and this article gives some insight into what is required to earn revenue from this platform.

YouTube is a vast site which attracts millions of visitors every day. This presents an opportunity to make sales of some sort if some of these people can be persuaded to buy something or at least investigate something suggested to them. If you master the simple techniques mentioned in this article you will join the ranks of those who have achieved business success using the Internet.

The first method of making money on YouTube is to make a video which promotes someone’s product. You need a camera and a computer for this. The videos will simply be you discussing the products. We are therefore not dealing with anything technical. The next thing to do is to create a blog (use to which you will be uploading these videos. You now need to find an appealing product on the Internet (diet, exercise, health or how to for example) and create a video about this product. Make the video interesting and engaging. You need to convince the viewer that you are going to introduce him or her to something special. At the end of the video you need to give the viewer a link to the website which sells the product.

You need to sign up to Google Adsense to arrange that you get paid each time someone clicks on the supplier’s site from your site.

Be sure to select a product which you believe in. You need to be convincing in your video and this is easy if you believe in the product.

If you have a lot of interesting video content on your blog you will begin to get substantial traffic to it. You may choose to make your blog a one stop shop for really good health products. You could write a regular news letter on the blog about advances in this area. You will incorporate your product videos which visitors to the site will view. As your site gains viewership your profits will increase and you will also be able to advertise on the blog. This involves placing links to the websites of all the products you have reviewed as well as to the sites of suppliers of similar products. You will be paid for these referrals as well.

The second method is to promote your own products from your blog. This obviously assumes that you have a business that is selling something. YouTube will be one of the marketing tools you use to reach potential customers. Make an exciting video about your product, link this to your e-commerce site and watch your sales rocket.

The most well known way to make money on YouTube is to join their Partner Program. You need to be uploading original videos of high quality to your site so this option is not available to everyone. This quality content will attract thousands of viewers and when you are achieving large regular viewership’s you will qualify to join the program. The Partner Program has many benefits, the most appealing of which is monetization. Partners share revenue that comes from InVideo overlay ads and rentals. Partners also have the opportunity to participate in branded entertainment opportunities as well. Partners are also featured on YouTube’s homepage, leading to more views and more opportunities for monetization. Ensure that your content is original and that you have the right to use it. If there is any restriction at all (i.e. permission not received from people in the video etc) you will fail to qualify for this rather exclusive program.

A simple method to raise revenues on YouTube is to approach suppliers in your area and offer to advertise their services on your videos. This may not become a significant money spinner but every bit helps. You can accept adverts from anyone on your own videos (i.e. you are not limited to local suppliers) and you will be able to charge fees for this. Ensure that you have some props in your videos and when the video has been widely viewed you can sell the props on eBay. This is also not a big money generator but will bring in some cash.

If you have a small business or are exploring ways of making money on the Internet then YouTube should not be overlooked. If you use the above tips and suggestions you can definitely make money and become someone who has achieved home business success using the Internet.

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