“Internet Marketing” Isn’t The Only Internet Marketing Niche

"Internet Marketing" Isn't The Only Internet Marketing Niche
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Go to any internet marketing seminar and ask 10 people what niche they’re in…

Betcha $100 that most of them will tell you “Internet Marketing/Make Money Online/Business
Opportunity” Niche.

Now, while there’s nothing wrong with that, the problem is that many NEWBIES end up getting involved in this niche because it’s what “everyone else” is doing it.

But what if…

What if instead of getting involved in the Interest Marketing/Make Money Online niche, you actually applied the same tactics/strategies to a niche market that you’re ALREADY an ACTUAL expert in.


Am I telling you to dump your current business if you’re involved in the “Make Money Online” Niche?
No.. Not necessarily.

What I’m saying is that

If you’re new

And you’re not established in the Internet Marketing/Make Money Online Marketplace

And you’re deciding what niche to get in to (and or what your 1st product should be)

Do NOT just jump into the Make Money Online niche because you think it’s easier


Start with what you’re ALREADY a LEGITIMATE expert at and/or what you ALREADY love doing. And then apply Internet marketing skills to THAT niche.

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To YOUR Success,
Devon Brown 🙂

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  1. 12:35 pm on August 30, 2014

    This is a pretty good advice Devon. Keep up the good work. You are amazing.

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