Is Failure An Option In Your Home Based Business?

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Hey Everyone 🙂
So, no doubt you’ve already answered the question that I posed in the title of this blog post. “Is Failure An Option In Your Home Based Business?” Or maybe I should say that you already answered it to yourself (in your head).
And I can pretty much guarantee you that 90% of you answered this question the same way. But MAKE SURE that you watch the video below… because I’ve got a little different spin on the answer to this question that you may find interesting.
Also – make sure you read the 2 stories below the video. As they may give you a little insight into a few times when my mentor and I decided to CHOOSE SUCCESS OVER FAILURE!


*************** “CHOOSING SUCCESS” – STORY #1******************

Back in 2005, I was assisting my former boss/mentor with a live boot-camp he was putting on. We had about 60 students in a hotel conference room in Atlanta. People had flown from all over the world so that they could get their internet businesses set up while at the workshop/boot-camp.
You see, we had just started day #2 of this 3 day seminar (the day our student’s websites were supposed to go live)…and all of a sudden BOOM!!! The hotel internet goes out (which is somewhat problematic considering the fact that we need the internet to put up websites – lol)
So… What happened?
Did my mentor REACT or RESPOND?
Well, actually BOTH.
After REACTING by cussing out the hotel staff (because it really WAS their fault that the internet wasn’t working)…He decided to RESPOND.
You see, he had already set a desired outcome (i.e. “goal”). He had already determined that ALL 60 students would have their websites up and running by the end of the 2nd day, so that they could learn about traffic driving on the 3rd day.
So…Given that his outcome was clear, and that he was committed to a desired result, the next step (after he was done reacting… actually, OVERREACTING HAHAHAHA) was for him to find the appropriate RESPONSE in order to get back on track to reach his goals.
So, here’s what he did:
He called a transportation company who had a some buses for rent and he told them to deliver two 30-person buses to the hotel (which was in downtown Atlanta).
He then told his staff to swing by Office Depot (in their own cars) and pick up 20 power-strips and extension chords.
The 2 bus drivers drove the 60 students (lap-tops in hand) to our office (which was about 40 minutes away from the hotel).
By the time everyone arrived in the office and we got the internet hooked up… they were already about 3-4 hours behind on the day.
But that didn’t matter…
The end result was all that mattered!
And by 10PM that night EVERYONE had their new website up and running.
Why? Because he was COMMITTED to an end result! And when something “didn’t work right”, he changed his approach.
Would you have had the tenacity to do what he did?

*************** “CHOOSING SUCCESS” – STORY #2******************

Fast Forward to about 2008/2009…
It had been about a year or so since I had stopped working for my mentor and started “flying solo” to create a name for myself.
One day I call up my mentor and say to him: “Hey, I know my list isn’t that big yet…but do you think that we could do a webinar together?”
His response: “How many people could you put on a webinar?”
Me: “I think that if I REALLY push my list REALLY hard, that I could put 50 – 70 people on”.
Him: “Ok, lets do it.. and I’ll sell my $3,000 course and we’ll split the sales 50/50. If you put 50 people on the webinar, we should be able to sell between 2 – 5 of them and we’ll each walk away with no less than $3K while providing an excellent service to the people who buy.”
So, I emailed my little list…
And I emailed them again…
And I emailed them again…
And by the time the webinar rolled around.. Only about 24 people showed up. (Remember – I had promised him 50 – 70).
But we went through with the webinar anyways…
And at the end of the webinar, do you know how many people bought the $3,000 training?
……………… ZERO! Yup, that’s right….NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON!
So, Did I REACT or did I RESPOND?
Actually, both..
After a night of REACTING and being pissed off because “This Damn Internet Marketing Crap Doesn’t Work”… I decided, the next morning, to RESPOND!
I was COMMITTED to my end result of making at least $3,000 from my webinar, and I wasn’t’ going to let the fact that that things didn’t go as well as planned stop me!
So…I called everyone who attended the webinar. And I asked them what they thought about it and if I could help them with anything.
Out of 24 people I was only able to reach about 7 of them.
But out of the 7, TWO of the conversations lead to sales of $3,000 EACH!
I called up my mentor and told him that I would be sending him is 2 $1,500 commissions and that he would have 2 extra people in his upcoming class!
But admittedly – it would’ve been WWWAAYYY EASIER just to give up. YES – failure/quitting WAS AN OPTION…I just chose not to choose that option!

********************END STORY #2******************************

So.. did you find those stories helpful?
Did you understand what I was saying in the video about failure actually being the EASIEST option… But that you’ve got to NOT choose that option?
Hopefully today’s blog post hit home for you (like it did for me).
And as always…
1. PLEASE leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.
2. PLEASE pass this on to any other home business entrepreneurs you know (facebook friends, twitter friends, etc) if you think it might help them.
Here’s the link:

To YOUR Success,
Devon Brown 🙂




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  1. Hi Devon,

    Thanks for sharing some of these situations where you overcame the obstacles.

    It reminds me that even when the chips may seem down, there are is always an action (that if one calms down for a second and really thinks about it) that we could take to turn things around.

    Everyone gets frustrated from time to time. It happens!

    How we respond is the main difference between failure and success.

    Rocky Balboa actually had some wise words to his son in one of his movies he said ” Life is mean hard and cruel, thats reality. The difference between winners and losers is not how hard you can hit…it’s how many times you can you keep getting hit over and over again and keep coming back. That’s what makes a winner!”

    This has proven true in my own life and I have witnessed it countless times in other peoples lives.

    Thomas Edison didn’t not succeed at making a light bulb one time, he failed 999 times, on the thousandth try he succeeded!

    Thanks for this inspirational post!


  2. 2:21 pm on May 3, 2013

    You are very correct, Devon. Failure is not an option. Adjustments in approach are always necessary. There is always a way to beat a mountain whether you have to go over it, around it, or through it!

  3. That is so true Devon. It is not easy at all. There going to be things that do not work the way you think they are going to work. Failure is a choice that some one chooses. Just because something did not work exactly the way you thought it would. The choice that you make is what determines if will lose or win. What I mean is that You keep going because it is going to happen. Do not give up, do not go to the next thing. Take a look at what happened, have a second set of eyes look. Tweak what you did and test things to see if it will work better. I have been doing this online marketing for 10 years and I have been down the road. It is not always the cream of the crop. Here is what I did I kept going through thick and thin. I will always keep going. Great video, and stories. The ruth is never wrong it is just the way it is. To everyone’s success.

  4. 6:57 pm on May 3, 2013

    Hey Devon
    As usual you are spot on. Thank you for the tips. I am a good example of not stopping at failure but picking myself up and keep trying. This gave me inspiration to continue Thank you

  5. 12:25 am on May 4, 2013

    I think you hit the bulls eye, Devon. Many of those who fail often chose to quit as it is the easiest option. For me success is not really a destiny but a journey. I believe your stories are real and I am greatly motivated by them. Thanks!

  6. 9:25 am on May 4, 2013


    Talking from years personal of experience, failure is definitely a choice! I’ve gone there more times than I would like to admit.

  7. Devon,
    Words do not adequately describe the information from your true life stories that you’ breath new life into our mental mind’ .
    It encourages us to try Plan B or the next one

    Probably only a small percentage of viewers and/or students leave you a comment
    From all of us to you; THANK YOU !!!

  8. I agree you can chose to quit and thereby fail.

    But chose is a state of mine in which that chose can be eliminated or reinstated.

    So, we eliminate failure til the demand of success become a burden with which we can no longer deal with, then we look for the exit and there it is an option to get the hell out of this desire to success.

    But it any work unless you rather be doing something, else!

    In which case, success is the only option.

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