Is Pure Leverage The Next Empower Network?

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Hey Everyone –

A few days ago I a was on the phone with a good friend of mine who happens to be one of the TOP Solo-Ad Sellers in our ENTIRE Industry (A solo-ad seller is someone who sells traffic -in case you didn’t know)….Anyways, what he told me literally changed my entire day!

Now, I’m going to share with you EXACTLY what he said to me that LITERALLY blew me away in just a minute …but before I get to that I REALLY need to stress to you the importance of reading this ENTIRE BLOG POST…IN FULL…RIGHT AWAY!

Heck, some of you may actually end up making money in the next 24 hours because of this little message… You’ve been building your email list… right?

If you have been building your list like I’ve been teaching you, then now your about to find out HOW your list building efforts COULD pay off for you BIG TIME.

Normally, my blog posts just consist of me making a quick video about some kind of personal development principle .

But this one is different…


Because Over the past few days I have received the following:
– 5 Private Facebook messages
– 7 Personal emails from members of ESE (you guys)
– 6 Different emails from other “gurus” (friends of mine)

Every single one of the emails has either been to ask my thoughts about (or to ask me to join) this new thing called “Pure Leverage”.

Now, before we get too far into the weeds here, let me make one thing CRYSTAL CLEAR

If you think that you’re going to hop into ANYTHING online and get rich overnight, then you’re SORELY mistaken! Regardless of whether or not this brand new opportunity ends up being the best thing since sliced bread… you STILL have to work the system!

Nothing has changed…

However, when I get contacted 18 times in 2 days about 1 program… then I start to pay attention.

The last time I was contacted THIS MUCH about one program was when Empower Network Launched over a year ago.

(Most of you are already familiar with the Empower Network Opportunity, so I’ll just assume you know what I’m talking about…and if you don’t, then just understand that it was a hybrid internet marketing/mlm program that launched in late 2011 and then TOOK THE WORLD BY STORM
in 2012)

I heard about Empower pretty early on, but I didn’t join…


No Reason… It’s a perfectly good program, I just didn’t feel like it – hahaha 🙂


Had I simply
#1. Joined Empower Early On
#2. Emailed My List
#3. Bought a Few Solo ads

I could’ve ridden the whole ’empower thing’ to a solid $5,000 – $10,000 a month or more, while only spending a few hours a month working it…

And why would I have been able to make so much with such a miniscule effort?



#1. I have a list (like many of you do right now… and YES, I know your list may not be HUGE… but if you’ve been following my teachings for any period of time, or if you’re part of the EASIEST SYSTEM EVER program, then you should have at least a list of a couple hundred people)

#2. There was a “natural excitement” where EVERYONE was starting to hear about it, which means that it had the kind of SOCIAL PROOF that, by default, favors those who got in early.

This only happens for one out of ever 100 opportunities that hit the internet. I can probably name less than 5 programs in the past year that have had this kind of “Viral Social Proof” coupled with ridiculously fast growth.. Empower happened to be one of these programs.

Most of you guys reading this know EXACTLY what I’m talking about…

Many of the people who got into Empower in the first few weeks, were able to gobble up all of the solo-ads and then ride the popularity of the program to some pretty BIG PAY-DAYS.

Empower became so popular so quickly, that soon many of the solo ad sellers refused to mail out to Empower Squeeze Pages.

Now they have over 70,000 members…

Are people still making money with Empower? – ABSOLUTELY!

Have they reached market saturation? – Heck if I know…

But what I do know is that if I had a time machine I would go back to when the program was less than a week old, and then join early and gobble up all of the solo ads -hahaha 🙂

Now, I’m not a psychic… and I have no clue what’s going to happen tomorrow.. but, what if I told you that the next “empower network” type of program just launched a few days ago?

Now, let me be clear, I have NO IDEA whether or not this is REALLY your chance to get a “do-over” and get involved in some thing that EVERYONE will know about in the next 3 Months.

But let me put it another way (so that you understand why I think this MIGHT be the
“Next Big Thing”)

Do you remember earlier in this email when I told you that I was on my phone with one of the TOP solo-ad sellers on the entire internet?

Do you remember when I told you that he said something to me that literally BLEW ME AWAY?

Do you want to know what he said?

Well, at approximately 11:30 AM (On Wednesday March 6th) here’s what he said to me:

“Oh, by the way, Devon, you know that new Pure Leverage thing that everyone’s talking about as if it might be the next Empower Network or something? Well, the damn thing is only 2 days old and ALREADY I’m booked for the next 18 DAYS with people who have ordered solo ads for it”

Let me say that one more time…

The program was 2 days old…And ALREADY he had 18 days worth of solo ads that people have ordered for it!

Now, even Stevie Wonder could see that THAT’S A CLUE!

So, here’s what I’m suggesting to you (please make sure you read the following VERY carefully)

#1. I’m giving this thing a try (just in case it is the next Empower Network…I don’t want to miss that again – hahaha)

#2. The product line seems REALLY SOLID and it’s got some tools and some training that ANYONE who is an online marketer will find useful. Even though I personally won’t use 70% of what their offering (because I already have most of it myself and there’s no reason for me to change over)…that’s not to say that you won’t find value in having:

– A Quality Auto-Responder
– An authority blog (where you have a better chance of getting your blog posts ranked by google)
– A video email service
– A conference room (similar to GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar)
– A boatload of online training classes

All that for just $24.95 a month! And they’re paying 100% COMMISSIONS if you choose to be a reseller!

#3. After I’ve set up my affiliate account, I am going to email my list (and I SUGGEST YOU DO THE SAME TO YOUR LIST if you decided that it’s something you’re interested in)

**Note** If someone is already on your email list then there is NO NEED to send them to the Squeeze pages that Pure Leverage Gives You – Instead you can take them straight to the Sales letter page seen here:

Just make sure you take out the “renegadesuccess” at the end and replace it with your ID.

#4. After that, I will continue to focus on my CURRENT EASIEST SYSTEM EVER business! I will keep driving traffic to my EASIEST SYSTEM EVER landing pages so that I can continue to build my e-mail list. While I think PURE LEVERAGE is pretty cool, I will NOT let it take my focus off of my primary business which earns me $120 to $4,800 every time someone else closes a sale for me!

After all – what’s the point of having a list if you can’t take advantage of new programs when they launch by telling your list about the opportunity!

#5. I will add a follow-up message or 2 to my auto-responder series so that it promotes the pure-leverage opportunity on auto-pilot.

so… There you have it, my thoughts on the Pure Leverage Opportunity.

Like I said earlier, I have no earthly idea whether or not this thing will be huge and whether or not it will catch on like Empower did…but I do know that IT’S NEW and IT’S HOT, and, for me, it’s worth taking a swing!

If you’re interested in giving this a try (and honestly, I think it’s a GREAT alternative for those who don’t have the money to join the EASIEST SYSTEM EVER)…then just follow the steps below the picture.


Four Steps to POTENTIALLY Seeing Money In 7 Days Or Less With PURE LEVERAGE

STEP #1: CLICK HERE (a new window will open) and get started in the PURE LEVERAGE Program Make Sure it says “Devon Brown” is your sponsor 😉

STEP #2. Once you’re inside the member’s area, upgrade your account so that you can be a reseller.

STEP #3. If you have an email list, then you can email your list the following message (Just make sure you replace the XXXX with YOURPure Leverage ID)

*********** START OF EMAIL SWIPE COPY ****************

Subject Line: 100% Commissions… This is HOT!
Subject Line: Anyone Else Want 100% Commissions
Subject Line: New HOT offer (100% commissions)


So, I don’t get THIS excited very often…
But this thing is just AWESOME

>> 100% commission on their auto responder and mailing platform
>> 100% commission on their video conference software
>> 100% on their video email service
>> 100% commission on their video streaming service (the best around)
>> 100% commission on your very own authority blog!

And the COOLEST part…?

You get all instant access to ALL of these ESSENTIAL TOOLS
that you need to run your business, for about 1/10th of the
price of just a typical autoresponder!

AND… when you promote this package to others…
you get 100% commissions!

This getting you excited…? If so, you need to HURRY.
This just launched, and those who move fast will have first
movers advantage…

So, here’s what you’ve got to do…

Step #1 – go and get an account ASAP here:
(yes, this is my aff link..why wouldn’t I want you on my team?!! 🙂

Step #2 – go and buy a solo ad and promote your link
for 100% commissions ASAP here:


IT’S LITERALLY that simple!

I suggest that you go and do the same

************ END OF EMAIL SWIPE COPY ****************

STEP #4. Go buy some solo ads and send them to your Pure Leverage Squeeze Pages! You can access the list of solo ad sellers that they give you in your members area…OR you can CLICK HERE for a list of 25 people who sell solo-ads/traffic for “Make Money Online” Opportunities

Anyways- I hope you found this post helpful/informative 🙂

Regardless of whether or not you decide to give PURE LEVERAGE a try, I want you to remember to keep your eyes peeled for more success tips and advice because my #1 GOAL is to help you become the most successful home business entrepreneur you can be!

To YOUR Success,

Devon Brown

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  1. 12:57 pm on March 9, 2013

    is that thing 4real cuz if yes and free i wanna do it

  2. 1:26 pm on March 9, 2013

    What you do and how you do it Devon, absolutely thrills me!!! The connection you made with that very first video I saw from you and Matt promoting The ESE opportunity and all others up to this coaching video, has helped me get to where I hoped to be at this point in my new career on the internet. Caring, honest, blunt(tempered with your branded humor), I have the utmost respect and admiration for the way you reach out and guide. Putting you on my very short list of mentor-coaches that I will take notice when they say something, has been a wise decision. I’m not fooled by the stats on everything that comes down the pipe, but I do try to position myself so I can take advantage. There will be something larger and on a grander scale for me, just over the horizan, if I stay the course I’ve set. Another great lesson, you are so AWESOME, I think I’m talking to myself in the mirror!!lol

  3. 1:59 pm on March 9, 2013

    Hey Devon,

    Thanks for the great video, I needed that to continue to stay focused on my passionate online business. There’s always so much distractions out there.

  4. 2:01 pm on March 9, 2013

    Devon thanks for sharing the video on pure leverage. I have been researching pure leverage because of the Prouduct tool suite of Pure Leverage. I will be signing up under you.

  5. 2:30 pm on March 9, 2013

    I Love This!!! Very true! I see the hype created behind this opportunity but the hype is so unimportant compared to what I am currently doing. You always create the best blog post. Been following you for a while now, and you knock it out the park every time! Good stuff!!

  6. 7:01 pm on March 9, 2013

    well well, Devon, you said it like u meant it & meant it when u said it. THANK YOU. John

  7. 8:23 pm on March 9, 2013

    Dear Devon

    Thanks for a great video with good content and good advice.

    Yours Faithfully

    George Cooper

  8. 11:26 pm on March 9, 2013

    Thanks Devon for telling us about Pure Leverage. I’m with Empower Network and I’m basically just started trying to build my email list so it definitely wouldn’t make since to jump into this new program. I use to see something so new and hot, that I use to get all into the hype, join, and never make money because I thought I would make a lot of money overnight. So, I’m focusing on building my Empower Network business and not get distracted by stuff like this because it could be very tempting lol.

  9. 1:59 am on March 10, 2013

    Thanks for being real. It’s refreshing to find someone who isn’t just trying to sell something, but genuinely trying to help people. Always enjoy what you have to say


  10. Devon:

    You got to me too late. I joined Pure Leverage March 1.

  11. Devon,

    Man you nailed it! It’s the long term relationship with your list that positions you to take advantage of opportunities like Empowered Network or Pure Leverage when they surface. If you don’t have a list, simply focus on building your list and building a relationship with that list. There will ALWAYS be more opportunities that will come along.

    It’s all about the fundamentals of internet marketing. It all starts with the list. Man, I have avoided that for so long but I really get it.

    Thanks again for sharing.


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