It’s Never Going To Be Perfect, So Just Get It Going!

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In the home business game, we often get caught up in thinking that something MUST be “perfect” before we bring it to the marketplace.

Whether we’re launching a new site, creating a new product, or just wanting to tell someone about our opportunity; we have the unfortunate tendency of thinking that all of the stars have to be in alignment before we start taking action…

This short video (that I shot right before I ran to the bank) explains EXACTLY how the “wait till it’s perfect” mindset can keep you from making a crap-ton of money!!!

Pay especially close attention to the story about the guy who noticed the typos on someone else’s sales-page!

Hey everybody! I got a lot of feedback (and controversy) in regards to this post.. so I made a rebuttal video! Check it out below!

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  1. Very good point Devon. But If you go to my Blog you will find one of the services I have is Writing articles, proof reading and editing for people. No no one is perfect but I want to make this one part of my business. So hey, go easy! LOL 🙂

    • 1:04 pm on July 17, 2009

      LOL –
      I always suggest getting someone to proof read stuff. My #1 rule of
      thumb is that I NEVER proof read my own stuff because I tend to read
      what SHOULD be there as opposed to what IS there!! Especially if I’m
      doing a BIG project…I’ll usually have a professional look over stuff
      for me

  2. 1:45 pm on July 14, 2009

    I see your point, Devon, and I agree with the concept of “action.” No, things do not have to be perfect, and one or two small mistakes is understandable, but I also have to add that professionalism attracts professionalism. If you seem uneducated and ignorant in the English language, grammar, punctuation, etc., that is not attractive. I, personally, do not do business with websites or people that seem to not have more than a ninth grade education, or seem to not have cared how their website came across. Plus, let me ask, did that guy go back and FIX all of the cassette #8s, and remail them out to all his customers, and apologize for the mistake? Don’t you think THAT took longer, and more of his time, than it would’ve if he’d just checked in the first place, and caught it before they went out? Was he making money while he was having to fix his mistake? No. It was a complete waste of his time, I’m sure.
    I do agree with you, to an extent, Devon. Don’t get me wrong, but I do believe that you must give certain attention to how you present yourself in your business. Thank you for your post, and your enthusiasm. I truely wish you success. I love your “anyhoo….”

  3. 1:45 pm on July 14, 2009

    hey devon, I enjoyed the video just like all the others. I just wanted to say thanks for the mlmlistbuilder system. your site and system has motivated me to do more in the last two weeks than i have done in the past year while working from home. I look at you as my personal mentor. i’ve got things going and i am now sure that I will be successful very soon!

  4. Hello Devon,

    This was a great post. You are not saying “do not be professional” All you are saying is get it done.

    Loud and clear message! Thanks.

    Another way of putting it is, “Ready, Fire, Aim!”

    Thanks for the phenomenal reminder.


  5. 12:19 pm on July 17, 2009

    Point well taken, Devon, regarding your second video. I DO understand, and agree that a couple of mistakes is not a big deal. I was referring to EXCESSIVE mistakes, of course, and wanted to touch on the time wasted by the cassette #8 incident. Your concept is right on, and I hope I didn’t come across as trying to disagree with you…. Just bringing out some points.
    (Sounds to me that you had some tougher characters in your email….) Isn’t this fun?

    • 1:04 pm on July 17, 2009


      Thanks for taking the time to post a comment –

      The thing I find the funniest is that my mentor is a
      multi-millionaire…he’s well liked, well respected…yet his usage of
      the English language is complete crap! I’m not saying that to be
      mean, I’m saying it because its true. What you guys are failing to
      understand is that the most important aspect of this thing is YOU!!!
      Look at my videos..they’re NEVER perfect (but you watch them)…I use
      improper English (but you know what I’m saying)….I dig in my ear on
      the video (but don’t edit it out)…The volume often fluctuates (but
      it don’t fix it)some people enjoy watching me be me; some people
      don’t. If you’re a perfectionist then more power to you. You will
      attract other perfectionists. I’m never suggesting to deliberately
      mess up or to not give you’re product a good “once over” but if I
      subscribed to the “perfection”mentality” you guys would never get any
      videos from me.

      To YOUR Success

      P.S. Dont you think it’s funny that virtually all of the top people in
      our industry subscribe to the “ready, fire, aim” mentality…Just
      saying that success leaves clues.

      Also – I’ve seen people get HIGHER conversion rates on emails with
      misspellings (not saying to do this intentionally – just saying i’ve
      seen it happen plenty of times). Someone explain that one to me?!?!?!

  6. 2:38 pm on July 19, 2009

    Right on. As a general rule, yes, I agree with “Ready, Fire, Aim.” It took me a while, but I got there. Thanks, Devon. You’re fun.
    Wishing you continual success!

    Angie 🙂

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