Why The Internet Home Business Lifestyle Is NOT All Glitz & Glamour

Why The Internet Home Business Lifestyle Is NOT All Glitz & Glamour
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It’s Not All Glitz & Glamor

by: Eric Louviere

I know people can get a bit caught up in the ‘allure’ or glitz of Internet Marketing gurudom. It’s easy to get dazzled or even faked-out by the positioning magic top experts distribute. With Facebook, Twitter, Forums and even blogs like this one, it’s easy to position yourself as something special.

Professional pictures with Photoshop touch-ups… camera angles… nice suits… speaking on stage… standing ovations… sports cars… houses… exotic vacations… all of that can be manufactured through the power of “presentation”.

But listen, that’s cool and all and it’s all part of business and marketing (and advertising) but I want to tell you that it’s not all glitz and glamor on your way to succeeding in business… nor even when you are successful in business… and certainly not when you’ve failed (many times).

People don’t like to talk about the struggles, the challenges, the personal problems or the adversities they have to deal with or overcome. To think it’s all a bed or roses… or as easy as many paint a picture of, is simply not the case.


This is the real world and here in this world, we have to overcome our own mindset issues and challenges and we have to work hard. We have to put our heads down and make things happen. We have to make tough decisions and we have to pick ourselves back up again and again.

We have to constantly face tough financial pressures and maintain faith we can get through this challenge (yet again). We have to fight off the haters and those who continue to throw daggers at us. We have to deal with new changes to our markets, our businesses, our staff, our governments, our finances, legal and so much more. All that stuff is not always a simple snap of your fingers to deal with. If things are going well and then you get your feet knocked out from under you, how do you handle that situation?

You see, these are the real things one must master and deal with in-order to (A) become successful and (B) maintain your level of success or (C) reach the next level of achievement.

But you know what? There are the good times too… the great times!… and it’s so worth it! It’s worth it to go through difficult moments in-order to achieve a better life. It’s worth it to deal with late nights of stress over some financial problem so that you can provide a better life for your family. It’s worth it to have to work harder than most just so you can catch-up on work and cover the payroll… making your business stronger and stronger.

It’s worth it to go through these tough moments because you’re likely going to have tough moments no matter what you do… tough moments at your day job… tough moments in your business… tough moments in your life… it’s part of life and it’s part of growing and I believe God wants us all to grow and that’s a big part of the reason we are here anyway!


It’s worth it to live an exceptional life… an advanced life… a privileged life… an abundant life… and if it takes going through some tough times to live that life, sign me up! Life it too short to sit around and drift through life only living a mediocre life.

There is so much abundance out there to live, it’s a shame to settle for so much less than your best. It’s NOT cool to give-up and take the crumbs life leaves for you, if you’ve taken the road of mediocrity.

Not cool.

Not cool when there’s so much more and it’s fun and exciting and inspiring to strive for more! It’s not too late either. It’s never too late to start growing even if you are 87 years old! It’s never too early to start living an exceptional life, even if you are 13 years old!

That’s what is great about being in this life as a human. We can rip up the last five years and throw it away and start again, start new, with a new life script and a new life plan and start right here where we are right now. We can start today, this moment, to live an exceptional life by striving for more and pushing ourselves to grow baby grow!

Start by increasing your expectations of yourself <– read that again a few times!

Realize that NO! It’s not all glitz and glamor and NO! It’s not all easy and a bed of roses and YES! We are all similar and there’s a fine line between living an exceptional life and a miserable one. And YES! anyone can start the journey towards a more abundant life.

Can you handle the tough emotions and stress that comes with failure, or running your own successful business? That’s a serious question to answer. Would you trade a mediocre life for an exceptional life if the trade-off is you have to handle tough financial pressures and difficult situations? Would you like a ton more abundance if the trade-off was that you had to work hard (and work smart)? Would you be willing to grow and grow yourself and your own mindsets and beliefs (and expectations) to reach a severely abundant life?

Would you be willing to invest in your own growth so that you could think properly about abundance and stop the toxic thoughts that are keeping
you down in the mud of life?

Well guess what… you’ll have to deal with all of that no matter what kind of life you live… or no matter what level of income you are at… or no matter what. If you have a day job, you will have to go through all of that anyway. If you are on benefits and don’t have a day job or a business, you’ll have to go through all of that I just said anyway. There’s struggle no matter what you do or where you live or what you do for a living.

Just living can be a struggle at times and no matter what you do, there’s going to be tragedy, set-backs, disappointments, stress, anger, sadness, failures, obstacles, adversities, problems, fears and negativity, or worse!

You’re going to go through all of that kind of stuff no matter what, so you might as well strive or take the risks to live a more exceptional life. You’re going to have to work no matter what you do… might as well spend your work-time doing bigger things that have the potential to produce huge, rewarding, magnificent rewards! What’s the difference between working an hour digging a ditch for $12 per hour or working an hour writing a joint venture proposal? Think about that. An hour is an hour, but what you do during that hour is important.

Here’s something interesting I learned about billionaires…

Billionaires all have only 24 hours in a day. Isn’t that something?? Same with millionaire! We all only have 24 hours in a day. That’s amazing. Donald Trump only has 24 hours in his day. What’s the difference between someone who generates 1mm per year and what they do with their 24 hours compared to what you do with your 24 hours?

Oh, and I’m quite certain… in fact I’m 100% sure… Mr. Donald Trump has had some major disappointments, challenges, problems, adversities, financial pressures and stress. All of us who live on planet Earth do. We all have our issues and problems regardless if we post nothing but glamorous photos on Facebook.

It’s not all glitz and glamor, but some of it is, and we like to focus on THAT! What you focus on expands. If you are stuck in the mud of life, then don’t crawl out of the mud, explode out of the mud by taking crazy & bold action!

Be fearless!


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