Why “JOB” Is Not A Bad Word…

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Hey Everyone 🙂

So today, I want to take a second to talk to you about the word JOB!

In our industry, “JOB” is considered a 4-letter word and the goal is often to quit our jobs as quickly as possible!

Many of you are familiar with the saying that J.O.B. stands forJust Over Broke“.

Well, today…I’d like to challenge our communities’ conventional wisdom regarding jobs…


Hopefully you found today’s video informative/helpful 🙂
Or, at the absolute least…HONEST!


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Here’s the link ==> http://RenegadeSuccess.com/jobs-arent-bad

To YOUR Success,
Devon Brown 🙂

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  1. Good video Devon. I’ve seen threads on forums in the past in which people would quit their day job with no set plan in place just to chase the Internet Marketing dream.

    I don’t advise anybody to do anything like that. Me personally, I worked in a warehouse for over a year while I worked on my internet business. Having a job and investing additional income into your business is the best way to go for sure!


  2. Hi Devon,

    Excellent advise as usual 🙂

    The game plan should always be to build your business while working a “Job” until your business can pay you – At Least – the same income you receive from your job – After – all of the business expenses are covered.

    Once you get to that stage then you’ll know exactly how to generate a good income online and having gotten yourself up to that income level in your business, then you’ll know how to scale it up further to earn way more than your day job currently pays you for the same amount of time that you need put in.

    But quitting your job before you know exactly how to generate at least a replacement income online will be a disaster because the living expenses bills don’t stop once you’ve quit and as you say, the extra funding for building your business disappears as well.

    So great advice very well presented.


  3. 5:40 pm on May 29, 2012

    LOVE it! Your mom is a very wise woman!

    Oftentimes, a job is the difference between being able to travel to your company events and not or t he difference between (as you said) being having a constant source of income to generate traffic or buy the products/books to help propel you in your business.

    Yes, it’s good to work on something outside of your job to build your dream…but a job is NOT a bad thing to have!

    Thanks for the video,


  4. 6:07 pm on May 29, 2012

    hi devon
    very great advice coz i was doing what u said. I wanted to build my business but my girlfriend told to find a job and at the same time build my business and that’s what i want to do.
    I think that’s what every person who want to create a business should do

  5. 2:20 am on May 30, 2012

    That was very good advice indeed Devon, as I’ve always said” YOU’RE A MAN WHEN YOU REALIZE EVERYTHING YOUR DADDY TOLD YOU WAS THE TRUTH” I always thought my Dad was just trying to keep me from having a good time.When you’re eighteen you know everything there is to know,anyway. Oh I almost forgot, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, don’t worry, you still have plenty of time to fulfil your dreams.

    Talk Soon,

  6. Hey devon,

    Great advice, if I could go back I would of been having a sustainable income to pay expenses, and working on my business on the side having a mindset that my wages are feeding my business to make a fortune.

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