How To Get A Lead Capture System Up & Integrated With Your Auto-Responder In Less Than 30 Minutes Starting From Scratch

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Hey Everyone

Not too long ago a client of mine asked me to create a video which would show her EXACTLY how to get her own lead capture system up (and fully integrated with her auto-responder) in 30 minutes or less!

I sat down to record the video and ended up adding so much extra stuff that the video ended up being about 45 minutes long

I thought to myself…HEY, I should sell this!!

But instead I’m going to give it to you for free!


You can follow along with this video and have a proper lead capture system set up with less than 30 minutes of ACTUAL EFFORT.

If you choose not to follow this video then I don’t want to hear you bitch and moan about not having a proper lead capture system…because This video shows you how to do it!!


This video is NOT PERFECT!!!! It’s LIVE, REAL, RAW, UNCUT, & UNEDITED!! I stumble over my words and probably speak WAAAYYY to fast!

You can focus on the flubs or you can start building your list!! The choice is yours!!

That being said – if you want your system set up right now…then you’ll watch and do EXACTLY what it says!

And if you enjoyed this video, then I ask that you do me a favor and tell a few of your friends about it using either regular e-mail, Share This button, or using the twitter link below.



Click Here To Access The Software For $1


Click Here To Access The Software For $1

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  1. 4:32 pm on July 17, 2009

    Hello Devon,
    I have a question that is very important to me, I would like to access your info but that
    $1.00 bothers me. After I sigh up are you going to charge my credit card a large sun
    of money in about 30 days? because that is what happens to me when I sign up for a very
    small payment.

    • 9:01 am on July 20, 2009

      Thanks For Asking Dennis!

      The software can actually build and host up to 3 sites instantly. As
      such (instead of paying someone to build the sites for you and paying
      someone else to host them for you) you would just pay a nominal
      $47/month for the service (as it states on the signup page). I’ve done
      my best to keep the price affordable for pretty much everyone.

      The neat part about this software is that if you know anyone else who
      could benefit from them you can make additional money! There is a free
      to join affiliate program associated with the system ( ) and if you know of just 2
      people who could use it, then your monthly commissions would pretty
      much pay for the software

      Hope this helps
      To YOUR Success

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