Learning From Tim Kehoe and Zubbles

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ZubblesTGIF! Even if you work at home you can appreciate a Friday, it is the end of the work week (and I don’t really encourage people working on the weekend, unless you’re attending a seminar or workshop). You need to take breaks sometimes!

Tim Kehoe, who is he? After today, you’ll remember him. He is the creator of Zubbles. The fantastic new product of colored bubbles that do not stain. I say new, but I should tell you that it’s taken Tim 11 years to break the right formula for Zubbles. He’s stained his eyes, his kids, his kitchen, and even the dog. But now.. he has it, Zubbles is now available on pre-order. His dream has finally come to a reality that it can get into customer hands and to be enjoyed.

What does this have to do with you? Well…2 Things

#1. It took Tim 11 YEARS to finally achieve his dream! How’s that for consistency! The sad reality is that most entrepreneurs will try something a few weeks or months and then just give up on it! Tim is a PRIME example of CONSISTENT action. There was never any doubt in his mind as to whether or not he would succeed….he worked on his dreams UNTIL he reached his goal. Can you say the same for your efforts?

#2. In order to become successful, Tim had to “break” an actual scientific formula for his own business success. If you told Tim to go back 11 years and start over (knowing what he knows now), don’t you think it would take him WWAAAAYYY less time to reach his goals? There is in fact a “Success Code” to attaining success as a home business entrepreneur…

And I’ve created a CD that will help you “crack the code” for your own home business success!

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