Learning How to Create Great Email Content

Learning How to Create Great Email Content
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how to create great email contentOnce you start building a steady list and you have solid products lined up to sell, you need to actually start sending out emails to your list. Now, you may have heard that you are supposed to mix up your content, but what exactly does that mean?


Here are a few approaches to help you create consistently great email content. When it comes to email content there are two basic dichotomies: sales vs. information and full article versus snippet article.


Each of these four approaches are options when crafting and sending out emails. When experts tell you to mix up your content, they are typically referring to utilizing a mix of these approaches.


The first is sales vs. information.


Sales emails are emails aimed at selling either your product or a product you are an affiliate for. These emails typically contain short bursts of written content along with multiple links and calls to action. When promoting affiliate products, you are often provided with email swipes, so you don’t even have to put thought into the content for these emails.


Despite the seemingly easy nature of sending out provided email swipes for already established products, you can’t rely solely on those. You need to diversify your content or your readers will get bored. Once you lose your readers’ attention, it is terribly difficult to get it back.


When providing informational content emails, you can follow one of two approaches; full article or snippet article. I’ll discuss the pros and cons of those more in a moment. When sending out an informational email, regardless of the approach you follow, you need to make sure the information you are providing is high quality and relevant to your readers.


Your content should answer reader questions, it should help them better understand some aspect of the business, or it should provide them motivation or instruction to work towards personal development. To come up with content ideas, check out what topics others in your field are covering. Stay current on news and updates. Or just ask your readers what topics they want more information on.


The second is full article vs. snippet preview


how to be a good writerThe first would be providing the full article or blog post within the email. The second, snippet preview, is when you provide the first paragraph or so of an article along with a link to read the rest of the article. While some readers and marketers may prefer one approach or another, there really is no “right” answer.


The upside of full articles is your subscribers won’t have to go anywhere. There is no risk of links getting broken. It will keep the reader engaged within the email. You can gain readership and grow your following, which will be there when you send out sales emails. However, it also gives the recipient no reason to visit your website.


The upside to snippet articles is that they get the readers to visit your website. Once on your website, they can read other articles, be exposed to your ads, your social media links and more. The downside is that readers are more likely to not read the full article. While it is easy enough to follow a link and read an article from any device, if the recipient is in “check email mode” they may not want to follow the link in that moment. They may think they’ll go back later to read it, but that may or may not actually happen.


A  few things about format.


Here are a few points about format that need to be understood regardless of the approach you take. Your emails should have a good amount of white space.Although I’m sure you already know, white space is the space not being taken up by words and images. White space makes them easier to read quickly, and it makes them more ascetically pleasing. People are more likely to read emails with a lot of white space than they are to read emails with large blocks of writing.


Your emails should also be comprised of short concise sentences; this will help with the white space. Emails are not the place for technical writing or deep analysis. They should perk the readers’ interest. If the content of your article is deeply detailed, you should utilize the snippet approach.


Finally, emails should be sent out consistently. Your readers should be able to expect your emails coming. If you send emails out randomly, sometimes 4 a week sometimes none in a week, it will create no amount of expectation or anticipation. Further, you run the risk of annoying people on your list, which can result in them opting out.  Providing consistently great email content will help your list grow, increase open rates, as well as conversion rates.


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Devon Brown 🙂

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