Linkbaiting Techniques For Bloggers

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Bloggers who want to achieve internet home business success can definitely use the method of linkbaiting to get targeted traffic. There are several linkbaiting techniques which can be used by the bloggers. Some of the most popular techniques are mentioned below:

Giveaways and contests: This is the most popular method of linkbaiting. Creating a contest and asking people to write about the contest will work the best. However, you need to have some resource which can be used as a giveaway to the winner. You need to select something which people will find useful. For example, you can give away something electronic like and iPad or iPod to the winner of the contest. Once you do this, you will see a huge number of participants writing about your contest and you will get permanent backlinks. Successful site also will offer a discounted price for their service or product, everyone loves a deal.

Free Creative Tools: Everyone loves freebies. When you give away creative tools for free, you will get huge traffic and exposure because everyone will write intensively about your tools. This is just another popular way of linkbaiting. Your tools will be the talk of the water cooler banter.

Creating List: Creating lists like “top 10” or “top 50” will grab the attention of the readers! This is because of the fact that people love to read about these things as they act as a motivating factor for them or help them with decision making and open up choices for them. This method is a known and proven method of getting immense exposure for you blog which can lead to internet home business success.

Creating Controversy: You can also create controversial posts! Remember that controversies attract attention. Controversial posts will spark discussions and you can actually see a number of people actually participating in the conversation and thereby creating backlinks. You can also attack companies or other bloggers to get more and more traffic but going along that route will mean that you will attract attacks from other bloggers on you!

Lead the Way: If you become the first person to blog on a particular niche you will definitely increase your chances to attract backlinks. For instance, if you are the first blogger to write on a certain topic, you will find other bloggers mentioning your blog in their postings which will eventually translate into backlinks.

Content Rules! This cannot be denied. Good and informative content always attracts readers and more readers will mean more backlinks. You can consider writing some kind of tutorials for the readers as tutorials have a tendency to attract huge traffic.

Linkbaiting is one of the best methods that can be used by the bloggers to get exposure on the Web which will help them in achieving internet home business success.

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