The TRUTH About List-Building ROI (Return On Investment)

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Tell me if you can relate…
You spend $100 on traffic
That traffic comes to your opt-in page and you’re happy because you see that a solid number of the website visitors you paid for have opted-in to you email list.
Now, all that’s left is for them to buy one of your offers
48 hours passes
And all you’ve seen is 2 measly sales
You just spent $100 for advertising and turned it into a whopping $20.
You’ve managed to LOSE $80!
Or did you??
Hmmm.. you might with to watch today’s video to discover The TRUTH about list building and ROI

So… I hope that made sense
And I hope you understand that the REAL Return On Investment (ROI) from you driving traffic to your opt-in/squeeze page comes when you understand the LIFETIME VALUE of that person on your list, and NOT in how much you make the first week.
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To Your Success,
Devon Brown 🙂

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  1. Man can I share this video I see people complain all the time about this they come in and place one ad and make no sales and then say the program is a scam cause they didn’t make any money what they don’t understand that it’s a process and you can’t give up you have to stay in the game and give value to your list so they know like and trust you.

  2. 10:25 am on September 13, 2013

    I understand that Business is not as easy as Shopping . Even if there is a program that says success happens over night. That will not happen everytime in sales. I heard someone say that if you think positive and do positive everything will happen. I’m sure success will happen if not today must be tomorrow. If not tomorrow must be the day after. I trust in you, Tausha and your team can make me successful.
    I’m not really in M-Type and I give up sometimse. But I believe that if I try enough to the right way, Success can not waiting to see us.
    Thank you

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