Making Link Exchanges Work As A Part Of Your Internet Marketing Strategy

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As we talked about in an earlier article about getting traffic to a website, getting your website linked can be key for generating web traffic. In that article, we explained two ways in which you can get other people to share your link: through social networking, and through individual websites. In this article, we’re going to focus on a broader version of link exchanges.

Professional Link Exchanges

The way that the big-league link exchanges work is as follows: you fill out a brief form on the link exchange website, explain what your website does and what type of content you fill it with, and provide a sample post. Then, the administrators of the exchange will pair you with a number of other websites that feature similar content. Then, all of you will link to each other over a set period of time.

Depending on the traffic of each of the websites and the quality of their content, you can expect a fairly large boost in traffic as a result. This is because all of the readers of the other websites will be exposed to their link to you, and while not all of the readers will follow that link, a small portion will. If you’ve exchanged your link with enough websites, then you should see a great boost in your web traffic. If you’ve followed our advice about generating great content, then you should also see a large boost in regular visitors.

Paid Linking

There are also a variety of services that exist to generate web traffic to your website. These work on a pay basis – you pay them, say, $25, and they guarantee several thousand unique visitors. However, these services should probably be avoided and are often a scam. Generally, they will be sending you traffic by way of redirecting web readers from other websites, and those readers will likely be irritated to be at your website at all. And you absolutely don’t want that!

Instead, focus on generating organic and unique visitors in a legitimate fashion. If your only goal is to turn a profit, then you’re likely to generate a large amount of web hits, but not many return visitors. However, if you consistently get good links while providing good content, you’ll get a lot of return visitors as traffic to your website.

Chances are, you’ll meet up with a number of other website administrators that have made getting linked, and exchanging links, a key part of their Internet marketing strategy, and you can both benefit from each other.

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