Utilizing YouTube Channels to Make Money Online

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On YouTube, there lies a large variety of ways in which you can get your videos to people, and in order to make money using YouTube, you need to take advantage of as many of these as possible.  One of the best ways to reach a large audience and integrate YouTube into your Internet marketing strategy is through the use of channels.

So What’s a Channel?

A YouTube channel functions more or less like a traditional television channel.  Some feature content exclusively from one developer that focuses on a particular brand, like CNN or FOX News.  Others are collections of videos from a variety of different users, each of which produces their own content.  Usually, when dealing with the multi-user type of channel, there is a general theme behind the channel, like “Cute Animals” or “Sports Bloopers.”

So How Do I Get on a YouTube Channel?

Getting onboard a YouTube channel to feature your YouTube content can be both incredibly frustrating or straightforward and easy.  The easiest way to get on a channel can also be the most difficult, because it relies on your being able to create meaningful YouTube content that people want to watch.  By creating this type of content, the moderators of channels will actually invite you to participate in their channel.

Alternatively, you can create your own channel.  If you decide to follow this route, you won’t get as many initial viewers, but it will allow you to tailor the content of your channel to your blog or product’s main topic.  This can be incredibly beneficial, because if someone watches one of your videos, then they will be immediately linked to all of your other videos.  If people get to your other videos, then they’ll eventually be hitting up your website, thus making you money from YouTube.

Just like with blogging, the amount of money you can make with YouTube relies heavily on being able to get your content in front of a large number of people.  Channels remain one of the best way to get your content to these people, and you should take advantage of the functionality on at least some level.

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