Marketing with Facebook: 10 Tips to Get You Started

Marketing with Facebook: 10 Tips to Get You Started
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Facebook marketingSetting up your business is a feat all on its own. However, now you have the next obstacle. You have to keep your business running and build a money flow you can depend on. Making money is easy if you drive internet traffic to your website. One dependable input for traffic is a Facebook fan page. Coming up are 10 tips on making your Facebook fan page successful. Follow these tips and your Facebook page won’t go belly up like over 90% of Facebook pages.


1. This one in by far the easiest and quickest fix to increase your Facebook page’s number of likes. On your website, make your Facebook links numerous and easy to find. At the end of every article, have the Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus signs. Make sure your links are fast and connected right. (Nothing is worse than having a large number of failed links or really slow links.)


2. What’s your relationship with all of your followers? You have to not only give your members a reason to like your page, but you also have to give them a reason not to unlike it. Your followers are your special friends. Treat them like they’re special. That mean going above and beyond posting links to your articles. Be friendly and personable with them. If they ask a question on one of your posts, answer quickly. People like prompt service.


3. Now maybe you’re not the best thinker of content for your website. It’s okay. Really it is because you have a large, intelligent think tank via your Facebook page. Every so often, get your followers to help you write an article. You don’t want to do it every other day or so. You’ll look unintelligent and your authority will drop quickly.


4. The next thing we’re going to address is annoying and pathetic status updates. Don’t use pointless, mindless crap. You’re status updates should be related to your topic. I’m a writer so a good status for my niche would be something like, “Hey guys and gals. Working on writing a book and having writer’s block. I’ve tried all of my usual methods but nothing’s working. What do you all do when you have writer’s block?” In that one status update, I’m relating to my readers and giving them a chance to be the teacher.


6. Keep your readers active and excited. If you’re not giving them anything to interact with, they with either unlike or ignore your facebook marketingposts, statuses, comments, and updates. Give them a reason to be involved. Look at the past four points. Weren’t they helpful? If you continue reading, you’ll learn even more.


7. You have all sorts of tools in your arsenal. Sure you have comments, status updates, and web content, but nothing is more potent than a quick and easy Facebook poll. Always have it related to your niche. You get involvement, feedback, or even content for a new article. Always find ways to take your business to the next level.


8. Cultural sensitivity is a huge aspect of your website. Doesn’t matter whether it’s across the country or across the whole world. Different people have different dialects, lingo, slang, and words in general. There are hundreds of words that have different meanings or even don’t exist from one region to another. If you have a global following, you need to be mindful to not intentional offend your followers.


9. Build anticipation for any new articles or big release. Hollywood is great at this and it works for them. We are going to use this for your website business. It’s simple and easy. Even better, it doesn’t require pointless and annoying status updates. Give your followers a taste of what’s coming, tell them a topic, or even give them a release date. Hollywood uses trailers that are as good, if not better, than the movie itself. Repurpose this for your articles and other web content.


10. Another option is to host a contest for your Facebook followers. They should always be related to your topic and easy for your contestants to do. It could be as easy as sharing this contest on your Facebook page for entry. All that matters is that you’re encouraging interaction between you and your followers. And make sure your prize is actually worth it.


These 10 tips will help get you started with Facebook marketing. Once you have a solid following, you can move into advertising and ore advanced marketing strategies.


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