Marketing Your Business On Twitter

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twitter-marketingAs we all know, Twitter is great for social interaction with people around the world, but as a tool for your business…it’s invaluable. Twitter is being used more and more for marketing your business, but it’s more than just marketing. It’s for making deeper connections for you and your business. You can also promote products on there through affiliate marketing, or getting people to tweet your website or product or even have them retweet it.
You can tweet your blog posts, you can tweet specials you’re having on your website, you can tweet affiliate programs to earn money, and you can interact with your customers (very important in relationship building). Using Twitter in your business endeavors is one of the great ways to establish yourself as an expert in your field. You can not only tell others about your website…but you can (and should) also give little nuggets of information or wisdom.
Once you have established yourself as a good Twitterer then people will respond to your tweet, they may even look forward to it because they enjoy that interaction with you or you provide such great content that they can use it for their day, retweet it to their followers, or just have a conversation with you.
Giving quality tweets to your followers is of the utmost importance. When you provide quality tweets, the likelihood of your followers RT’ing (Re-Tweeting) you is high, which in turn will provide more followers for you if others find you valuable.
You can also host a Tweetup with other people in a local area and this type of event brings people together and lumps everyone’s followers together as well. In this setting you have access to other people’s followers because they’re tweeting about you and you’re tweeting about them. A Tweet up is a physical event where everyone (usually locally) gets together and tweets! It’s a great way to get a lot of new followers and lots of attention to your name!
To show that you’re really contributing to Twitter, you should reply to people you follow, RT (re-tweet) their interesting posts, and have conversations with other people. You want to show that you’re not a robot or someone who only wants to toot their own horn. You want to connect with others. You could always set up auto-tweets about your business or affiliate links at night and during the day have real conversations with people. Twitter is a great communication and relationship tool.
Tweet your business and yourself, and both will grow!
Provide value to the twitter community, and you’ll see much faster success!

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