My SECRET Learning Method!

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Back in 1999 (when I was a senior in college (yes I know I’m showing my age) I saw an infomercial that many of you may remember. The guy on the infomercial was Don Lapre, and he claimed that I could “MAKE TONS OF MONEY PLACING TINY CLASSIFIED ADS IN NEWSPAPERS!”

Maybe you remember the infomercial…

So anyways,

I ordered this kit for somewhere between $30 and $50 and waited on pins and needles for it to come. Finally it came and I ripped open! I started to read the 1st book and I heard my roommate open the door (he was just coming home from class).

I didn’t want him to know what I was doing so I put everything back in the box and I shoved the box back under my bed.  I’m sure you can relate to “hiding” your endeavors from friends and family.

The next day I re-opened the package, read a few pages (about 10% of the whole thing), skipped the rest, stuck it back  under my bed, and started placing classified ads. (funny how sticking the package under my bed didn’t cause me to learn through osmosis…oh well)

Over the next few weeks I spent about $300 – $400 and made back about $30 (pretty crappy return on investment if you ask me)

I got mad because “this thing was supposed to make me rich” –

I was going to return the package but thought to myself..”hmmmm, maybe I should actually READ it to see if it holds any more info”.  I read the other 90% of the info and came to realize that the reason  I didn’t make any money was because I had made ALL of the “most common  mistakes”!

And to think, I wouldn’t have made those mistakes had I just read the damn thing in the first place. By the time I’d realized the error of my ways, I was out of money. So I stuck the package back under my bed and completely forgot about it till I found it several months later as I was packing to move back home after I graduated

The moral of the story…

If you get some information on how to become successful in a certain area… take the time to actually READ IT! (that’s the secret learning method)

I know, it almost sounds too simple, but trust me, it works!

I could have saved $350 and about 3 months of failure had I just read the ENTIRE package like  I was supposed to do. If I chose not to  read it, then I have ZERO room to complain!
Hope you enjoyed my story, and it’s o.k. if you laughed at me a little
bit 🙂

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